I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Jacket H&M | Skirt Hurwendeki | Shirt Uniqlo Men | Shoes Bronx | Bag Mama’s Pollini

You know, I tried answering some Q&A questions these few days but I just can’t get around doing them, sorry Angry Frequent Visitor, I don’t have the time and energy right this moment. I have 2 major projects running side by side (occasionally one knocking the other over, snickering as it overtakes) and designwork from the Netherlands. This is my fourth night up and seriously I’m running on a bagfull of E000 chemicals and turkish delights of questionable source. I’ve got fat baubles hanging on my face like some christmas tree, and looks to me that I’m growing a second pair of butts just sitting at the laptop for hours on end.

So that’s one answered question at least – Why won’t I post the rest of the Q&A? – Because life says hey bumhead, PRIORITIZE.

On another note, thank you Sara from Public Personae for asking me ‘what I’m into right now’!


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  1. Aw I hope you get some rest soon!! You sound like you have a lot going on. The blog world can wait while you get all your projects done!

  2. the partially laced boots are the perfect touch.

  3. ohhh.. I actually need to answer some questions too… I already forgot about the questions :/ woops… I just cant wait for your DIY’s :) :) the work you got from the Netherlands sound very interesting and promising :) hope you can relax and kick back soon :)

  4. ooo goodluck witha ll the workload. i know how you feel ): i was just like that last week! But trust me, once its over and done with you’ll be zuppppppper happy :D

  5. you know, i’ve been wondering the same lately about the bloggers with non-asian boyfs. i’m working on a theory. will report back later when i have something conclusive!

    you look perfect here! very tough biker chic (boots and leather jacket) but prairie girl innocent (plaid and that cutesy skirt).

    i completely feel you on the fat baubles and the butts (though i see none of either in your photos). i’ve taken so many exams and practicals lately and it shows. i was pulling (emphasis on the word “pulling”) a pair of jeans on this morning that i haven’t worn in 2 weeks. bad idea. fat pad in my rear, yayyy.

  6. You sound crazy busy! Remember to sleep and drink lots of water (the two things that I often over look when I get too busy haha!) PS Thank you for the gmarket guide. I’m obsessed with looking around, but a little too nervous to purchase anything yet haha.
    Also, I think the first photo is the best one I’ve ever seen of you. SO pretty. And I really love your jacket.

  7. agreeeed… at least you still look great!!! i love your outfit + booties.. i’ve been in shorts and tshirts!

  8. I love this entire look, the jacket and skirt are lovely!

    And prioritizing is good, haha!

  9. i see none of this ‘fat bauble’ business hanging on your face muh dear. i like the combination of angry-esque boots with that full skirt :D
    as for the salad dinner trend? that would be a definite fail for me. lets start a NEW dinner trend. any suggestions?

    good luck with yo projects!

  10. gd weeeeee! ugh, I’m so so bad at deadlines. good luck. remember to take frequent 15 second breaks and look AWAY from the screen. I learned that in school ;) Your boots are kick ass and so is the lil red hat.

  11. i’m sure the hard work will pay off soon! i was somewhat in the same position last week, trying to meet a bunch of deadlines and now i can relax for a bit. good luck!

  12. I LOVE Douglas Coupland! Have you read The Gum Thief? It’s one of my favourite of his books by far.
    The jacket and skirt combo is really nice.

  13. ahhh i still love that red hat!! you know I never had 닭다리 until yesterday. the packaging sold me.. yeah i’m a sucker for weird asian packaging haha.

    the peach emma cooks may be impractical but soooo springy and cute.. I was almost tempted to get myself a white pair at the NY topshop but i slapped my hand as i reached for my cc. bad gennie bad. haha.

  14. i’m sorry about your stress, but on the bright side at least you look SUPER NICE ohman. those boots. i want to do vile and depraved things to them. i want to get to KNOW THEM (in a biblical way!) i want to (other super subtle sexual come-ons etc etc)

    and frankly i think a second pair of butts would do good, i know i can speak for not only myself but my fellow asian sistas when talkin bouts my FLAT AS A PANCAKE BUM

  15. try not to feel too stressed

  16. Twoja spódnica to ideał :)
    have a wonderful week! :))

  17. Shannon

    Truth is, I’m in serious awe of you. Favourite blogger, favourite blog – almost bordering on obsession over here. Prioritize away, you can’t get rid of me so easily :D

  18. love your outfit and best of luck with the workload, and the supposed “fat baubles” aren’t showing!

  19. i like the splash of tartan! i saw you on public personae so i headed straight over here to check out ur latest outfit ;)

  20. good luck with your projects!! i’m got exams on at the moment so working hard too..

    love the skirt & boots!! xx

  21. Good luck and don’t get very desperate!!


  22. Yea exactly prioritize. As much as I love your blog aswell people seem to forget that some ppl find blogging to be a fun past time/hobby not work or an obligation!

    I love that grey outfit by susie bubble aswell!

  23. I’m loving this outfit!

  24. I love this look and I love your hair girl :)

  25. Love that outfit – so chic x Sushi

  26. The OC leather/mesh booties are sick!! ♥ your outfit too, btw.


  27. It’s good to prioritize, last few weeks of school or so are always madness, calling for no sleep and all. On a lighter note, I love your outfit, the skirt is perfect. Makes me kick myself for not having the perfect leather jacket

  28. i’m feeling in a similar way myself. good luck getting it all done. love the boots and the little red hat, oh and those stone ice cubes – they work so well!

  29. Your outfit is the perfect image of Mary Poppins during the grunge era – a beautiful look! A look I’m yet to master. Your blog is continuously inspiring. x

  30. Nice boots!

  31. nice neckless! We’ve also found some fabulous handmade crytal bullet neckless at esty.com~

  32. hahaha good luck with getting everything done!
    i love the outfit. the leather jacket. and boots. and skirt. are wonderfully put together.

  33. Ayesha

    Oh you are faboosh, Miss Park&Cube. I think your blog is brilliant and you are lovely! The post on Gmarket must have taken about 2 years, thankyou so so much for doing that, you’re an angel. Keep it up. Yay.

  34. Oh no! 4 nights in a row?! That’s crazybus! Don’t burn out…


  35. Nina

    Today I visited your website for the first time and I’m impressed! I LOVE your looks!! Going to visit more often. :D

  36. Douglas Coupland is… Amazing. He graduated from the same art school I did. The best thing about his books (for me) is that a lot of his novels are set in Vancouver, our native city, so I know exactly what and where he’s talking about.

    Loving the lace up, mesh wedges too… So gorgeous.

  37. are those wedges by opening ceremony??
    Love your site btw =)

  38. i’m digging your look, chica. thanks for the laborious post below. jeeze… you really want us to spend some $$$

  39. good luck with all of your projects baby girl. you look fabulous in that first shot.

  40. I really love the boots and the jacket they go perfectly together.

  41. You look really beautiful in the first picture!


  42. you just gave me some inspiration. thanks a bunch! good luck with your projects. get some sleep.


  43. i love those shoes, they have a lovely worn in look about them

  44. Carly

    oh shini don’t fret, petal

    i think all of us (well i am) are going through a hectic patch right now :)

    and might i say what a lovely charming red bowler hat you’ve got on!

    p.s. i reg’d on G-market. thanks for opening another window of procrastination ! haha i’m trying my damnedest to wait until exams are over before I scour through all the goodies …XD

    rest up (while you can!)

  45. love love LOVE IT….so fabulous!

  46. ohhh i love your look!

    and you blog is amazing!
    maybe you like my new blog?


  47. Those shoes sort of trip me out. Oh, and don’t worry yourself about the Christmas tree face- until you start lighting up, I think you’re safe. You’re still looking damn stylish despite the hecticity..yes I’m pretty sure I made that word up.

  48. regan

    hate hate hate projects too. i have tons of projects running at the same time.
    but im sad to say, the devil part of my brain always wins the battle of prioritizing.
    which explains why im here.

    do you know how the sizing at opening ceremony runs?
    the mesh-lace wedge boot that you posted up is gorgeous.
    but im not too sure about the sizing at OC.
    im a topshop shoe UK size 7. ginormous feet.
    but what size would you recommend for the shoes?

    lovely outfit by the way. might copy and tweak it to suit the tropical heat of singapore. ^^

  49. Hiya Regan, I never owned OC shoes really, ever! Those are some things that I’m just into, but I don’t own them ;) Sorry I can’t help :(

  50. eckkk you poor thing :(
    i had to go through the crazyness of finals last weekk,
    but i didn’t go through it nearly as well dressed as you areeeeeeee :)

    you can do ittt!

  51. this is my absolute favorite outfit of yours ever! i’m going to steal it, pretend to borrow it and never give it back.

  52. shini. you are awesome.

  53. Love the look! I really need to start wearing more skirts and looking more fem… I also adore that red hat!