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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Cardigan Zara | Dress worn as top Indian store in Warsaw | Skirt Hurwundeki | Shoes, belt H&M | Bag Gmarket



I just wrote a paragraph about my surreal experience of studying in a real library (Queen Mary Uni) today but then I thought about it and why should I rub it in that I’m a retard? So I got rid of the whole thing. Please understand, it was full of useless observations like wow I didn’t know they have CUBICLES AND DESKS in the library, this is SO AWESOME. Come to think of it, compared to this, my artschool library is like a barn.
My shoulders got all stiff the 3rd hour in, and naturally I moaned to Ellen about it, and she told me to cartwheel through the isles to loosen up. That girl is so clever.

Now, I have an essay due in 14 hours and I’m still trying to find out whether it’s 1500, 1700, or 2000 words, which also means I haven’t started it yet. Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m blogging either, but thanks for wondering.

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  1. me love the open toe w/ knee high socks look.

  2. loving the combination of the pink flowered tee with the studwork belt.
    cool look.

    btw. thanks for visiting my blog. i’ve been a reader of your blog for a while and really love your DIYs so your comment was very appriciated.

    ps this is the girliest look i’ve seen you post:) x

  3. Looove the belt, good luck with the essay I understand the stress!x.

  4. I haven’t been in a university library for a while now…I miss it.

    I like the way you knotted your belt.

    ps. did you stand on a chair in the library to get that shot?

  5. Modesta

    I feel your pain about the essay, last minute work is pure and utter hell which i’m also experiencing now.

    Love the blog!

  6. very pretty look! goodluck w the essay! ;)

  7. Great combinations! love the knee-highs with the peep toe sandal and how you knotted the belt :)


  8. Awesome outfit and I greatly enjoyed the narrative! Cartwheels sound like a good idea. Maybe I should try it instead of working on my Merchant of Venice presentation?

  9. I love the belted skirt and the socks with the open toed shoes!!

  10. aww the library looks so bright and modern. my schools library was built like in 1900 and is still all the same moudlings and shelves and its dark and scary and when you walk down the aisles, you get the sense that a little scary troll is about to jump out in front of you and scare the living daylights outta you. what the fudge right?

    oh and i like your tied belt :D that’s always a good way to deal with those long flappy belt ends.

  11. love those socks Shini, very Prada-esque

  12. LOVE THOSE SOCKS. gorgeous outfit, i love the studs with the fluffy skirt. I am a proffesional procrasitinator, right now I should probably be working on a script for my french skit…

  13. those library shots are soooo good. they kind of highlight how repetitive studying can get, no? i think it’s interesting that british schools set their papers based on word limit, as opposed to american schools, which set theirs according to page limits (then again i could be horrendously wrong, in which case slap my ass and call me judy!) i went to a british highschool so when i came to uni here i felt like ‘write x pages’ just seemed so much more daunting. i feel like i’m talking a whole bunch of jibberish in this comment box. in which case i’ve either wasted 30 seconds of your life ORRRRR contributed productively to your procrastination :)
    good luck with your paper lady!

  14. Hope you make it in time, good luck!!

  15. I think I have those socks! are they H&M?

  16. Hahaha.. yeah the CSM library is pathetic and usually overcrowded cause we’re squished into a shoebox-of-a-library.

    Love the floral prints by the way. =D

  17. ta kwiecista sukienko-bluzka jest idealna dla Twojej urody i kolor ma piękny :)) cudownie wyglądasz!
    powodzenia z pisaniem eseju! :))

  18. totally amazing!! love the feminine touch of floral against the studded belt!! good luck with the essey, i hate writing no matter how many words (yeah that’s why i’m doing a maths degree! haha no dissertation :)

    ps, i so need to attend the university of heels! i think a few lectures will do wonders lol! ;)

  19. Ohh I know exactly how you feel, my back still hurst from the 2.5 hours yesterday at the library… :)


  20. your outfit looks gorgeous!

  21. ahh procrastination the best friend of every student…good luck with it

  22. Amazing outfit-!
    you’re loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: )

  23. I am currently trying to do a essay… but I’m reading your blog instead! haha

    Love the outfit.


  24. […] o que? Tem mais coisa pra amar nesse look, nessa idéia – no blog onde a foto foi postada originalmente tem fotos dos detalhes, bem de pertinho. Clica pra ver… e vamos aumentar essa lista de adoros pra todo mundo usar de inspiração nos looks de amanhã! […]

  25. Staar

    I feel your essay writing pain…I suggest a good stiff screw driver and some caffeine that usually get’s the words flowing …love the outfit especially how you put studs along side florals …

  26. Only you could pull off the sandals and socks look so wickedly. Inspired to try it. Actually wait, maybe not…I’ll just look disturbed :)

    p.s. I’m with you on the nerd front. Libraries usually make me happy. Especially well-designed ones, or ones that encourage visual stimulation (and actual reading).

    Good luck with the essay too.

  27. your last paragraph made me laugh… and hopefully you could finish your 1000++ essay in time… and i know its pretty hard to conjure so many words in such short time… anyway, i like your skirt and the belt, i’m just so into full skirt now…

  28. Is it still cold in London?? During my final year in school, I used to write my essays with a large bottle of vodka by my side. It might have been the most coherent gibberish I’ve ever strung together. I’m now totally convinced that alcohol helps you to transcend a new understanding of literature.

  29. great outfit! I love the socks and the shoes! are from the current h&m collection?

  30. Oh you look grand, and that light is beautiful.

    I adore the socks and the platforms, yes yes.

    Oh studying – I miss school even though I’ve only been out for a year. Good thing my summer course starts next week :D It will be good to put my brain to work once again.

    Good luck with your paper miss xoxo

  31. Do you were in Warsaw?
    I like the set of costumes:)

  32. You look fantastic.

    I love how people are tying there belts like that!


  33. hahaha. a barn. don’t worry, i get so confused by libraries as well. the king’s one is gargantuan and when i first went in (i only went twice in my first year to do coursework over-nighters… luckily that statistic has improved since then!) i had no idea whether to turn left or right (the answer turned out to be that you can turn either way and take the lift up and then it all joins together) and just stood there stupidly whilst people bumped into me form behind.

    this year (my final year), i finally decided to stop using the short loan section and actually find out where the real law books live (i’ve never taken out a book overnight before. yup) and i got lost. completely totally utterly lost. in a library. i ended up in a random cafeteria that i had no idea existed and it took me another few months to actually find the stupid law books. there, now you don’t feel so bad for writing a paragraph about your library experience! hahaha.

    love the belt. in fact the whole outfit, its like clashing colours but in a muted & good way. even if the essay is 2000 words you can just hand in two pictures. because a picture is worth…… eh eh geddit geddit *nudge nudge wink*. i know i know, i surprise even myself by my boundless humour. i have an exam in a week but instead i choose to come to your blog and write the story of my life. xxXxx

  34. LOL. well, atleast you look adorable (loving the belt and socks!) good luck with you essay;)

  35. This is a stylish ensemble, love the cardigan.

  36. lololol, the way you write is hilarious! very witty and entertaining. so thank you!

    good luck on your essay!

  37. happy to see your comment there! ;-)
    you look really REALLY lovely in this outfit!
    already corrected your nationality! (ooops!)
    thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Whooo loving that studded belt with your floral top. Man why are your libraries totally cool… I love old libraries though there are so few where I live. In fact your school’s library is probably older than S’pore -___-

    GOGOGO keep at it for your essay!! It’s tough to resist the urge to blog eh ;p

  39. Nina

    Methinks you should make a book with all your looks in it! I would buy it! :D

  40. Oh, you look stunning in that clothes. Really cute., especially to the library environment. And it’s a good thing. Good luck with your essay!

  41. Hey Shini,

    I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a lovely blog award. How can you study at the library? It’s so eerily quiet and I feel like every move I make echoes throughout the room.

  42. Love your belt knottage!

  43. I like this outfit a lot! It’s not the ‘usual you’ but you can wear it anyways.

  44. You look very cute in skirts!! I missed out on a couple of your posts and I must say you look lovelier everytime. I like studing in the libraries but there are people there always snoring and they make you feel sleepy so it’s not really a good thing. xxoxoxo

  45. I say aim for the most words. That way if it actually is 1700, you’ll have written enough, and if it isn’t, you’ll only have to edit your essay. There you go, sound advice from Me. :P

    P.S. I like those socks.

  46. i like those flowers on your shirt, look great, doll!

  47. love the mix of materials in that outfit. the length of the skirt is great, the kneehighs make it super cool. you have a great blog girl!
    i linked you on mine



  48. love this outfit! the belt, the skirt and socks. rocks!

  49. I lovee your look!

  50. I like how you wear your socks with a long skirt. ;]

  51. Your juxtaposition of femine and masculine pieces are perfection. As a New Yorker I strive to find the best thrifty finds within my culturally unique city; I’m jealous and impressed as to how well you’ve done this. You make every outfit look so care-free and casual yet ooze with chicness. I aspire to grow up as cool as you have!
    -Gotham Hipster

  52. You cannot possibly get any more adorable! Love the blouse!

  53. Mwaaaahahaha, I feel exactly the same EXCEPT I KNOW it’s 4000 words and then same thing for the following day. And obviously I don’t know why I’m reading blogs right now. It’s good to know I’m not the only one on Earth though. x