I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Bag – WWA courtesy of Olive Shoppe, Shoes – Beyond Retro, Pants – H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams, Sweater – Courtesy of Maska, Shirt – Courtesy of Motel Rocks, Watch – Casio

It’s really comforting to know that while the other side of the world is raising the roof with fabtastic (ick word) glam (ICK) parties and exclusive fashion affairs, I can pull out my favourite granny sweater and some gold pumps and head out for church and tea with friends.
At this pace once the offsprings start popping out this place will quickly mellow into a mommy blog and you’ll start hearing about how I discipline my children with a newspaper roll and that February is the month for vaccines. Hopefully by then the era of affluent, celebrity bloggers will have been a chapter long chewed off by my teething kiddies! Ah just wishful thinking – it’s just so comforting not to want to live in someone else’s shoes, or stilettos what have you. Actually I was listening to ‘Part of Your World‘ from Little Mermaid the other day (routine Disney fix) and that bit where Ariel goes I have this this and that… but I want more reminded me of this whole blogger popularity issue – you just can never have enough even if you’re blessed with so much. Maybe I need to start devising an exit plan – but not one that looks like an infant, not yet at least. Unless it’s a dolphin infant…

Thank you Leonie & Ellen for the photos!

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  1. love the analogy between “part of your world” and the blogosphere – i think it has much to do with instant gratification in all aspects but i totally get what you mean. but please no exit plan because i love your blog & your words & photos

  2. You’re the only blogger whose entire text of the post I would read. So engaging! Marry me?

  3. I completely agree with Letitia, you’re a fantastic writer (as well as a clearly fantastic photographer).

    Your blog is one of my favourites, please don’t leave us! Even for a dolphin infant!


  4. oh!!! i want that tea!!! i need to find a decent tea place here in rome :///

    xoxo from rome

    (happy valentine’s day!!! – there’s a flash give-away on my blog!)

  5. Granted maintaining a blog (or anything that remotely resembles a social life) with infant is tough, BUT sorry we’d still expect of you Shini. You’re just too damn good at it!!
    You shall have to devise another escape plan ;)
    Ps. It probably goes without saying now, but beeeeautifull pictures… as per

  6. baah…noo exit pleease…..i could be your dolphin infant..(urmm..though not sure if i look like one..heehh)…..
    you’re just too damn refreshing….!!!
    p.s-i would love to live in your shoes…i mean literally…those are sublime…

  7. I love your writing Shini, you will always be fashionable even when you have kazillions kids! :) And even in a granny sweater or track suit bottoms! haha! And I don’t think we’d let you have an exit from blogsphere, you’re too much of a part! :)

  8. It took me awhile to realize that the little wing coming off your shoulder was from the bag haha! It’s really cool. I think if you somehow end up with a dolphin infant I’d demand that you blog about it because I would be utterly fascinated.

    This is completely random, but I’ve been meaning to ask you about some recs for cafes/shops around London. Must remember to do so at some point.

  9. ‘…But who cares?
    No big deal,
    I want more.’

    I don’t care Shini, you are not leaving this blogosphere I/we love seeing your work you know that.

    Ok ok, if you’re SERIOUSLY planning an exit……GET A BOOK DEAL FIRST :D

  10. Love the tea photo. How lovely.

    Big fan of your blog ^^

    xxx kissmequick

  11. Hey Shini!

    Seriously, you cannot leave the blogging world! I know how materialistic and shallow it is (haha) but you’re such a breath of fresh air when it comes to blogging (so much so I’ve been telling everyone about your blog!). I thoroughly enjoy your posts and love how you are proud of being a Christian. Stalking-ly enough I believe I’m in a similar position as you re international schools. It’s a tough but privileged life I suppose!

    Don’t let the popularity thing get in the way, who knows, this might the way God wants you to expand your territory. Get out of the tent and look at the stars in the sky :) You’ve definitely found yourself a niche.

    Ps. I do believe this might be my first comment? I can’t quite remember!

  12. I was just thinking about everything you’re saying bc of the “bloglovin awards” and I couldn’t agree more but do not exit because you’re one of the good ones! Your blog is more like beautiful photography of everyday life with some clothing mixed in, it’s not just a big ad of “buy this, someone sent it to me!” or “look at how much I can buy!”…or anything else of the like. please stay :)

  13. I can’t believe you re thinking about quitting blogging!

    After a while reading blogs (and started few ones myself) the only ones i still follow are the “not-mainstream” ones, those like yours that shows the person behind the blog, not just gifts from brands and giveaways (Oh, god! I hate giveaways so much!)

    Maybe those are more popular, but for me, they’re quite innecessary…

    I beg apologies for my dreadful english!


  14. i love the calmness of this post, joyful and serene, comforting with the granny cardigan. :)
    shini, you’re such a blessing! haha, i love your honesty and sarcasm, but you always remain positive.. your posts always make me laugh.
    i think what all your readers like about you is that you aren’t pretentious, and that in everything you do you are real about it, never pretending. That’s so hard to find in a world of fashion that is often full of people lusting after perfection.
    personally, i think perfection is boring.


  15. Seriously, I agree with you SO much! It seems that everyone is just in it to become ‘famous’ and receive free shit and have a million followers. So I pretty much steer clear of those types, and becoming one myself haha!
    Glad to see/read/hear whatevz that you’re doing the same.
    I LOVE your style, and the way you write! And that bag is killing me right now, the shoulder piece is a part of the bag no?


  16. I think the important thing about blogging is that you don’t just do it to please other people but for yourself. I personally don’t care if I have a big readership as long as writing up posts still fun for me and not a duty. It is one of my creative outlets since I don’t have lots of people to talk to about fashion, thrifting and DIYs in ‘real life’. Most of the times blogging is admittedly rather shallow but I sometimes need to indulge myself into those things just to relax and get away from my hectic everyday life which mostly consists of work, my bachelor thesis and church. But blogging is a hobby of mine and is also part of the pretty little things in life that people should enjoy once in a while (for one person’s it’s soccer ball, for the other person it’s a skirt ;) )

    I don’t think there is wrong with receiving free items, though, as long as a blogger doesn’t self herself out and only accepts free things that truly reflect his/her style :)

  17. Don’t you dare start thinking about an exit strategy! You will leave us all heartbroken and bereft.

    I love the granny sweater. I’m wearing my grandpa cardigan right now, so I feel like I’m in good company.

  18. love this! that coat is lovely.

  19. Whole look is amazing, but that shirt…oh my! :)

  20. There is absolutely nothing better than a nanna coat!…Oh and a cup of tea! x

  21. exit plan???! oh no you don’t. :(
    maybe you need a breath of fresh air, you could always visit seoul again :P

  22. I love how real you are, both in your photos and your writing. There’s none of that forced look-at-me-I’m-so-glam style, and it’s refreshing. Perhaps that’s what sets you apart from all the other blogs on my reel, and the reason why I always choose to stop and read yours, if no one else’s’.

  23. Your shirt is teasing me. I want to see more of it!

  24. nice cup of tea and a reminder of Valentine on the coffee.
    Just remain childish as long as u can, even when children surround ayou.
    must say the golden pumps make the outfit much lighter and happier

  25. Laura

    1) where is that tea? Cause it looks *tasty*.

    2) Please don’t quit Shini! You’re actually one of my fave bloggers…if you left there would be a stylish, prettyful photo-shaped hole in my google reader!

    3) I agree with Kit. #GetShiniABookDeal

    4) Um, that sweater is gorgeous.

    5) think I’m done now…

  26. I was just going to comment on the shoulders of the cardi, when I realized it was the bag strap. Still, I love the layering going on and the golden shoes! If only I had the patience to sift through the treasures of Beyond Retro (I get overwhelmed easily).

    I do know a few mommy bloggers who manage to avoid posting about diaper rashes and burping techniques, but I know if I get kids, I probably couldn’t resist a few posts dedicated to baby outfits…

  27. Hello, how are you?
    Nice to visit your blog. I liked that.
    I am a fashion blogger, from Brazil, but live in London now.
    Are you going to the London Fashion Week?
    I am, and I wanna meet anothers bloggers.
    Can you give me some english fashion blogs links?

  28. Lovely pictures! I love your style! Def a new fan!

    Arnold Teja

  29. Spot on. I love this idea.

    And yes, I try to console myself from missing the parties at the W New York I keep receiving invites for, by thinking that I can also just have hot chocolate at home with films, walk in the park, and wear the ultimate in loungewear… that is, until Friday indeed! :)

    Can’t wait to see you then. Lots of love. x

  30. love your pants. nice blog! x

  31. And I always thought blogging was the ESCAPE from vaccines and teething issues (but then, I’ve also never been to mum’s net). One’s own shoes generally end up to be the most comfortable anyway… Wonderful pictures, and why do I think you are growing a black, feathered wing? THIS film had way too much impact on me.

  32. I just wanted to tell you that your food and drink pictures are the sole source of my desktop wallpapers. They’re always so pretty and yummy looking at the same time.

  33. love the pop print!


  34. Roz

    That sounds like a wonderfully relaxed day – and that tea looks wonderful. I switched off my cOmputer yesterday and instead went to a friend’s house for a french themed evening, complete with a films (La Vie en Rose, Amelia and Coco avant Chanel) and a selection of cheese! The berets were optional, but I wore a vintage cream one with a bow.
    Sometimes there is nothing better than a comfy jumper and good company. There are always places people wish they could be, but sometimes the best source of happiness is on your doorstep – sorry if that sounds cheesy.
    I’m assuming you will be at LFW?


  35. utada

    that golden ring is just exactly the same as my wedding ring~~~~~~!!!

  36. AMAZING!!!


  37. Lovely and absolutely gifted handcraft of photographic style and street couture! Gorgeous, luv! George x

  38. That bag is so rad! I ansolutely adore ur style. So effortless and chic.

  39. which city is this?? Great shots!


  40. This is London, England!

  41. mm the tea looks good. and love that gold nail polish!

  42. Looking good!