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Bestival, Isle of Wight

The glitter bar, where you inhale glitter and sneeze out a tinkerbell

 Wearing: Wax jacket – Barbour. Crop-top – Fairground. DIY Crop-jeans – Zara. Balloon skirt – ASOS. Sneakers – Isabel Marant. Wellies – Barbour. Red cord sweater – Barbour. Bag – Barbour explorer. Water bottle – Sigg. Lace bunny ears – ASOS

When it comes to music I have not put the ‘pop’ into popular for many years now, when my music-to-world synchronization decided to just stop altogether circa 2006 – I think it was exactly when Justin Beaver started talking. Now I put the ‘pop’ in missuz kebab-store hippopotamus and revel at knowing all the words of a TV show theme tune. It seems today that all you see is violence and movies, and sex on TV, but where are those good ol’ fasioned values on which we used to rely? Tha alarm from my Uniqlo ‘Wake Up’ app is my next favourite track. In fact, I should compile some of this into a Spotify playlist – might make you ill, but I promise you’ll feel a whole lot better with your taste in music…and your life, really. So why a music festival? I realised that I must be missing out in something seeing how Bestival is considered one of Britain’s best summer pasttimes, and by going, secretly hoped for a reinfusion of my long lost music appetite. Appetite for burgers and un-Englandy hot weather, I did find, and lots of happy people dressed in giraffes and ant eaters (the theme was Wildlife, alas). If according to a certain mean girl, ‘Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it’, then Bestival is the one time a year when people can dress like 3rd grade Halloween and everyone will compliment your costume. I personally suited up in what I’d always understood as festival uniform: A pair of Barbour wellies, waxed jacket, snuggly cable-knit arriving at the seaside, but by the time we were leaving I really wanted to buy an elephant mask to show I’ve also been there and that it was actually super fun.

Thank you Barbour for taking us to such appropriate grand finale for summer! Also check out – my What to pack for a Festival guest post for the Barbour blog.

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  1. Dan

    Girl with the studs, HOT!!!!

  2. looks like super fun times! Thanks for sharing!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  3. Seems a place full of interesting people with cool style. Also looks like you had fun. Great photos, you as always doing great stuff.

  4. Cristine Arroyo

    great photos!

  5. Such great captures of your time at the music festival, and the perfect look to enjoy it all!


  6. cool post ! :))

  7. amazing details!


  8. Ah I love how you captured the spirit of the festival, was a shame not to catch you there! It was my first proper festival (with camping and everything) in five years and I feel like I could almost do it again due to the happy atmosphere. I went as a ladybird, which was liberating!

  9. Beautiful shots! They really capture the energy. What a vibrant summer.

  10. seem to had a lot of fun…and always dressed good ^_^

  11. What a beautiful photos, looks like a fun festival. Haha the masks are fun, so sorry you didn’t buy an elephant one.

  12. Nasyrah ash

    Family Guy!

  13. Lily

    I wish I’d seen you there. We’ve been last year and this year.
    Love the place and the vibe, there’s always so much to see!
    Hope you had fun, we did :) x Bisous

  14. Ohhhhh mrs park and cube, you have done it again, what a beautiful post, made me wish I went 2:) the pictures are lovely, and you have certainly captured that summer/youth/festival vibe!! Love it x

  15. You’re such an amazing photographer, love this post!!

  16. Brrrr, I hate festivals (and camping, and everything that comes with mud and shared toilets) – BUT I love looking at the pictures, which are beautiful as always. It really looks like fun. x

  17. amazing picters !


  18. Chai

    Love all your photos! Been a silent lurker for quite some time now.. but I just had to comment now! Bestival sounds like so much fun! Love your lace bunny ears headband <3

  19. Can’t beat that gorilla suit.

  20. Shini! I would definitely subscribe to a Spotify playlist made by you!

  21. Love this post – was so going to go to that festival, but missed out on tickets.. looks like it was a lot of fun! Great photos :)

    B x

  22. This looks incredible Shini. I love all the stalker street style photos of people who don’t realize you are taking their photo. Also, that last shot of you with the ears on is adorable. Miss you chicken. xx

  23. lovely bestival picks! it sounds like the best english festival (i can’t bear to go to one because of the issue of camping/not washing/mud). your barbour jacket is perfect for this occasion! also the floral cap looks ace.

  24. Oh I love your photos Shini. It was such an awesome festival and I think you visited on the best day since it was fancy dress day!! Still can’t believe I spotted you – I thought you were just a mirage hahaha. I love the gummy sweets – definitely a festival essential, I was eating plenty of haribo to keep the sugar levels up!

  25. Great photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  26. Lovely, as always! Wondering the brand of the floral baseball cap in the top photo?


  27. Rox

    I think those gold studded shorts are from Bambi & Manson! http://www.bambiandmanson.co.uk/

  28. ayy_ayy

    music and fashion come together.


  29. Amazing pics. My flatmate went to Bestival as well and he loved it. Pretty sad I couldn’t afford going there :-(

  30. great diary, lovely shots!

  31. <3


  32. My northern heart will always remain loyal to Leeds Festival but Bestival looks like one amaze-balls festival!

  33. Cool pictures! Sounds like you had a great time

  34. Your blog is so beautiful!!

  35. That looks like an awesome festival, you really captured the atmosphere in your photos!

  36. What a beautiful photos, looks like a fun festival. Haha the masks are fun, so sorry you didn’t buy an elephant one.

  37. This makes me want to have been there sooo much. I love the pics. I bet it was so awesome.


  38. I always love looking at festival shots, people tend to dress in such unusual things that they wouldn’t normally wear. I’m really loving that your festival has a theme! That’s amazing! We just get stuck with the usual festival getups.

  39. Amazing Pictures! Love the color and the vibes!
    I know you don’t like people asking what camera equipment you are using to shot pictures, but…. I just can’t stop thinking about these pictures!!

    I know you use a 5D, do you might tell me what lens you used?


  40. Your Bestival photos are amazing! Festival’s are definitely the perfect opportunity to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.

  41. Personally I think you’ve packed the exact right amount and type of items. Screw the cliche denim short, weave belt and ripped tank top with cowgirl studded shoes hippie look (so unoridge…). Shini, not many bloggers or photographers can take such transporting snaps and portray an event or festival as well as you do. The weird thing is I always see you walking around NOT taking pics but for some reason you manage to pull out the perfect snaps as if you ALREADY snapped them without us knowing… huh?! Btw I’m so glad you wrote the truth, I too want to attend a music festival to hopefully get re-inspired again to find “my music” since I’m so crap with music. I really don’t have good taste in music, I dare to admit that. I want to go to Port Eliot so badly, we should all go! Who’s in?

  42. Amazing photos, you can really feel the atmosphere! :)

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  44. WOWHOO! Bag and jumper twinnies ;)

    It’s wonderful to see you festivaling Shini! Must say, I would never expect it to be your natural habitat but you look right at home with your khaki ;)

    It’s also bloody hard to photograph people subtly and take awesome atmospheric photos but you’ve done amazingly!

    Hope you went shooting some moves in that headband at night! ;)


  45. You went to BESTIVAL?! So jealous. I’ve heard it was amazing–especially the last song–Love will tear us apart…ok, not even to mention THE X X.

    Lots of love,

  46. so beautiful, i like this.

  47. The photos look so good! I went to 0 festivals this summer, so I am lining myself up for quite a few next year… Glastonbury 2013 ticket= check!

  48. so beautiful

  49. […] time at a music festival with Barbour Trying to convince summer from leaving. Turns out it never was here in the first […]

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