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Berlin, Day 2

Happy Hour, favourite meal of the day!


Coat – H&M, Top – Amber Sakai, Jeans – Henry Holland x Debenhams, Shoes – Friis & Company (via Zalando), Camerabag – Stylesscrapbook x Kipling, Leather Jacket –  Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Navy blazer- Uniqlo

Shelving Disneyland and Paris for now – and I’m aware this shelf is still full with unfulfilled promises of Part Two‘s of supposedly fantastical adventures (i.e Azerbaijan and Kew Gardens), but I suppose now they will have to get cozy on the IKEA Billys until I run out of topics to entertain my guests (you) and then soon enough I’ll start pulling out photo-albums and first-editions from the bookshelf at an attempt to impress. I kind of wish I have a fancy chandelier instead.

Ironically, I’d mentioned that Berlin to me was like Disneyland when I was a teenager – a faraway land where all dreams come true… or in other words anywhere but home where curfew is 10pm, parties start at 11 and mother leaves 12 missed calls while you’re dancing. A faraway land with lots of light and a vibrant music culture, preferably. So when I landed in Berlin courtesy of Zalando I was hit by excitement, nostalgia and a tinge of giddiness, but shock to the system, too. I was quickly realizing I’d actually grown out of popular music (is Katy Perry still kissing girls?) and was finding all the graffiti more disconcerting than amusing – probably sharing inner-boiling sentiments of an old German lady living on the second floor of a freshly graffiti-ed compound. But as Carrie and I lost ourselves on an expedition to find the Brandenburg gate for touring’s sake we kept running into unexpected, awesome nooks that diverted us even further off the beaten track. It takes a while to understand, that you need to stop comparing the city to Paris or London at some point and from then on it becomes a completely new experience. The grunge and the architectural disorderliness are simply products of the rich history of Berlin, as if it’s all embedded in the buildings and streets, now how charismatic is that.

Thank you Zalando for having us and Carrie for the shots of moi.

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  1. Berlin is Beautiful

  2. amazing jacket!


  3. I can’t wait to visit Berlin

  4. When my brother & sister visited Europe they couldn’t stop raving about Berlin. Would love to visit someday…


  5. Katherine N.

    Do you always make faces out of your food? :)

  6. Really love to read yr blog. I can see read something that I can’t see at my country. Different culture and different design of the buildings. Happy to found out your blog.

  7. Lovin’ these photos! Berlin is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe. Seems like you had a nice time and you looked lovely…


    The Habit

  8. I really adore the way you wrote this text, you got exactly the point of Berlin but you even let it seem kind of magical.

  9. Such an enchanting way to capture the treasures you girls found in Berlin. I can get wondrously lost in your pictures all the time.


  10. shini! i love this laid-back look that’s so effortlessly chic, it totally works to compliment ur hair as well… lovess :)
    Nathan Niche


  11. Always such brilliant photography. BRILLIANT, and I aspire! It makes sense, why wouldn’t you be as good at photographing as you are at compiling outfits? A+, amiga.



  12. such beaut snaps. you real lucky you got to experience this



  13. Berlin is the one place I feel as though i’ll simply die if i never see…. thanks for making it harder! :giggle:


  14. Super beautiful pictures!


  15. lovely photos!

    I visited Berlin last summer & remember seeing the guys blow those huge bubbles in the tiergarten too…

    Katie x

  16. super great pics! love all


  17. I love the way you see my hometown…wonderful pics!

  18. I adore your pictures, it shows the memories you took with you so well…

    That’s exactly what it is about Berlin, isnt it? – it’s gritty, grungy beauty. It comes with bags full of history, and if you begin to see that in combination with the modern skyline and the heaps of alternos – you discover the charm. I’ve just been to Berlin again myself, check out my blog for pictures:


    there are more to come soon :)


  19. love love love the photos!!!

  20. Very nice outfit. I love the pictures of the collar and bubble. The pictures you do always amaze me.

    x Romi

  21. Only you can make a vandalized traffic light look so precious Shini, only you :p

  22. Amazing photos of beautiful Berlin!


  23. You take AH-MAZING pictures! Love your blog. Check mine out! http://www.newyorkyost.com

  24. I love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Great shots!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  26. Thats so beautiful! I actually feel like crying!

  27. Id love yo visit your Berlin sight! Your pictures are impressive, and your comments always
    an inspiration, and you, in that lovely pictures taked by Carrie are absolutely charming.

    Have the best weekend, dear!

    Big hugs!


  28. Berlin looks lovely!! Is it still very very chilly?! Hope your’re having fun, great look. Love the coat and shoes<3

  29. loving the bubbles and rainbow windows! x

  30. Beautiful snapshots, love the graffiti. I’ve been thinking about traveling to Berlin this year, this only encourages me!


  31. Xernan

    Your photos are truly inspiring! Just magical. Stay pretty and keep on inspiring!


  32. Lovely pictures as usual. Truly inspiring :) and i love your coat! x

  33. Those pictures are amazing! Berlin is a fantastic city :)
    And I love your outfit.


  34. Love the heels in the first pic so much!



  35. Amazing pictures, you look great Shini!


  36. amazing photos, love Berlin wish to be there at this time of the year..

  37. I’m so glad you two had fun together! A dickie bird told me there was a lot of walking! I’ve been to Berlin, the highlight was a Richard Avedon exhibition! Xx

  38. Realllly hungry now after seeing these photos, looks like you guys had a fab time!

  39. I couldn’t agree more. Berlin is beautiful and enchanting in its own right. It’s the visible and unavoidable history that gives it depth. I have a real soft spot for Germany and, after having gone to high school in the far soft west (Black Forest), Berlin was like an explosion of a different side of German culture for me. I love that it accepts the gritty and the imperfect…

    p.s. that pastry in the third photo looks hella good. xx

  40. You take such beautiful pictures! I love your white bag. Is it a camera bag, or just a purse? It seems like it could fit a camera with a lens, and I’ve been looking for something like that forever. I hate dismantling my camera; it makes spontaneous shots so difficult!

    Glad to see you had a nice time in Berlin :)

  41. unbelievable photos, I wish I was somewhere in Germany now…


  42. Always love your photos!



  43. You pictures are always so breath taking, love this post and thanks for sharing (as always)



  44. Ohh Berlin looks so beautiful! I would love to visit there. These pictures are amazing!
    If you have the time, I would love for you to check out my blog and follow!

  45. love pics!!!

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  47. glad you were able to turn your experience of berlin around. from the photos and the post it sounds like a city with a lot of depth. ps. i hope you got one of the collars or the bag or both.

  48. Beautiful Pictures! Me likey your outfit so much! :)

  49. love this. I agree, the best way of exploring a city is to let go of preconceived notions (or even memories of it) and just get lost. these photos are fantastic, love the ones of food especially! plus your boots are perfect.

  50. I am going to Berlin in two days and these pictures and message has got me all so excited! Love your blog by the way, Check out mine?

  51. Beautiful photos!

  52. i love your hair Shini! :)

  53. wow. Wundervolle Fotos! Da bekommt man gleich Lust seine Koffer zu packen und ‘auf nach Berlin’ zu sagen. haha

  54. What is the name of the restaurant/cafe from photos? It looks really nice! Beautiful pictures from my lovely city!

  55. food looks so delicious. boots, once again – wonderful… such an amazin design… love the little ankle wrap…

  56. You have a great blog…


  57. Sandra

    Shin I am in love with your blog, your photography is beyond words. Amazing job, keep it up! :)

  58. i really like the h&m coat suits you as well


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  60. Wonderful to see Berlin through your eyes!

  61. Nice pictures!!!

  62. Berlin is a beautiful place.I envy you can go to such a amazing place

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