I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

halo halo Berlin

Zalando Collection launch

I’m wearing: Trench coat – Uniqlo, Black leather jacket – Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Jeans – Zara, Boots – Friis & Company, Camerabag – Stylescrapbook x Kipling, Bag – Coach, Top – YesStyle, Earphones – Urbanears

Guten tag meine Kindereggs! …I just offended somebody’s grandma, didn’t I? I’m thinking I can take this post down two different paths – either one that involves a lot of 9th grade German-class related stories (i.e Ich bin ein Toilettenpapier, bitte? BITTE!? Translation: May I please go to the toilet and avoid answering whatever question you just threw at me) or I can be an adult and tell you how I’ve had the lovely opportunity to visit Berlin. Second option it is, but not because I’d like to be serious for a change, I think I just used all the German I know in the above example…
Growing up, Berlin to me was Disneyland, Hogwarts, and Never-neverland where the lights were multi-neon and the long-haired rollerbladers at the banks of the Seine were the emperors of dance. This is the time when MTV actually played music videos and teenage emotions oscillated with weekly charts and highly coveted ringtones, only purchasable through mobile phones that only kids with Nokia parents owned. The ‘internet’ was but a series of muffled bleeps from the Forbidden Box and I was a 13 year old kid living in Warsaw, alienated by the locals and wanting to ring the Y2K at a music festival in Berlin. So it was with glee that I accepted to fly to see the launch of Zalando’s new collection, if only to have a proper taste of the brand but also to finally attempt at experiencing the teenage dream never fulfilled. Here’s part one – snippets of arrival with travel-buddy Carrie and the evening of the collection launch. More of the city to come in Part Two!

Thank you Zalando for having us and Carrie for the shots of moi. 

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  1. Your haircut looks great! And those boots, with the ankle strap: so badass. It looked like an amazing trip. I have to visit my friend in Berlin soon!

  2. I’m kinda torn on Berlin – it always looks grey and grim but that still appeals to me.

    Maybe it’s the sort of place I’ll have to visit before I can decide on it…

    [ Becky at life/style/flash. blog]

  3. ….toll, deine bilder gesehen zu haben ;) mag ich*

  4. This post is seriously making me miss Berlin. Amazing photos, as per usual, Shini! xx

  5. fiona

    The boots are amaaaazing! could you link me to the webpage of the boots? can’t find it on the friis and company webpage on zalando :-( danke schön!

  6. I love Berlin (and your post title), I’ve been 3 times now and there’s always something new to discover. Your outfit is perfectly relaxed and ideal for exploring the city, can’t wait to see more!

  7. yes. those gummibears are an icon.
    gummibaerchen as they call them.

    und verbring eine gute zeit dort. ( may you have a splendid time there )

  8. amazing … berlin is such a romantic city … love it .. amazing photography x



  9. Your haircut is so great! I love all the pops of colour in this post and in the clothes.

  10. I’m really loving you hair!

  11. Dan

    I’M LOVIN IT! :-)

  12. I want those gummy bears!!

  13. Fabulous. And you look beaut.

  14. Love your red head-phone with your hair style!

  15. I need to visit Berlin again- such an enchanting city. Glad you and Carrie had a lot of fun at the event! Your pictures are magical as always.


  16. I think you may have told some German you werr toilet paper, but appart from that your trip souds highly successful as our those booties with the ankle strip!
    Material Fixations

  17. Holy Moly Shini, you look so beautiful in these pics. It must have been awesome to explore a bit of Berlin with Carrie! Stunning photography as always.

  18. Stunning shots!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  19. Your photography skills are just so inspiring! I love your boots as well!


  20. Theres a secret little part of me that kind of hopes that translates into something redicuous but using my 9th grade german i think you did well :)

    |Bright Green Laces|

  21. Hehe always love reading your posts (your German is hilarious)! Love that first photo of you – your haircut and those headphones both look so cute! :) Great photos as always, the pastel heels are gorgeous!


  22. Seraphina

    I can’t get over how amazing you look in your haircut.

  23. looks like an absolutely incredible time. gorgeous colors and photographs. always so love seeing your endeavors.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  24. Your photos are amazing. Love those red headphones and the photo of the coral hem, so pretty.

  25. Nice pics! you look adorable with the new haircut!

  26. You look gorgeous (:
    amazing photos!

  27. this post is so cute and funny, we love your german skills :)
    these berlin photos turned out great, we are simply in love with you!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  28. Lovely photos! Oo, Berlin…heard so many lovely things about it.
    Great shoes! Love the blog.

  29. those boots are so sick like with the strap over pants

  30. Love all the snapshots of green hues and the different bits of colors.


  31. Great post! I also want to Berlin, sooo bad :)

  32. BABE ALERT! Why are you so stinking freaking adorable in that first photo?! I want to reach through the screen and give you a monster hug… you look a little street, you know…. like a more urban version of the Shini I normally see. I like it… you look hottt.

    p.s. is that a baseball bat in your hand? are you about to smack someone with it? (jk… I’m guessing it actually your suitcase).

    Actually, I just want to say that I’m super happy to see your take on Zalando. Why did I not expect it to be nice? There are heaps of beautiful pieces in here… love the shoes… the bag… those itty-bitty shorts in the last shot. Oh mama, come to me. xx

  33. @the style crusader, hahaha.. I really thought it was some kind of stick (or Shini’s photo property) until I read your comments. **stupid alert** But it does make you look soooo cool, Shini! =p

  34. Buhreheheh now I see what you mean!

  35. I love your style and your photography is beautiful as well, right framing and nice colours!
    I posted about you here http://stuffveronicalikes.blogspot.it/2011/12/real-originality-and-taste-are.html , and if you ever need a graphic designer I would be onored to work with you!

  36. That is SUCH a lovely post, thank you!! Absolutely flattered. Beautiful blog as well, in love with your leaf-pattern illustrations – makes me want to plaster that all over my walls!

  37. gorgeous pictures! <3 When I was in Berlin 2 months ago my camera stopped working and I was really depressed because of that. Hope to go there very soon ;)

  38. I remember!!! Such sad story, it’s as if now an entire trip hangs on whether the camera works or not! x

  39. love the photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Lovely shoes! and nice pictures as usual :)

  41. what gorgeous photos of Berlin and your travels! also love your travel outfit :) so inspiring! i hope to go to Berlin one day…

  42. you was in my hometown! It´s exciting to see your view and your kind of photography of Berlin…love this!

  43. Such a beautiful pics!


  44. Love these photos!!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  45. love you boots”


  46. Just amazing photos, really, really beautiful. They give such a great feeling of how it is being there :-)


  47. Oh Berlin! I spent a week there last summer and fell in love. I’m visiting again in June (and Hamburg, too this time!) and cannot wait to explore some more. Let me know if you go again and want any tips, I came across some awesome little corners of the city! xx

  48. Oooo Definitely will hit you up on that offer the next time I’ll be visiting, thanks!!

  49. Your blog is the best

  50. Esther

    Me encanta tu nuevo corte de pelo!, te queda genial!


    nice haircut!, you looks great!

  51. love those boots!!! and those pastel shoes!!! nice to see you back!! <3


  52. You look like some K-POP star! :) beutiful!

  53. Great pictures:)

    I want your boots!


  54. you look so incredibly beautiful!
    the hair + makeup = WOW!
    and btw, i LOVE your headphones! so cool!


  55. Nice look, simple & chic. Amazing photos.


  56. Germany is my favourite country (if that doesn’t sound weird), and I’ve yet to get to Berlin (though I’m a young pup yet, so I’m not too anxious). Needless to say, I’m exceedingly jealous.

  57. You’re Berlin photo diary is so much diferent from Carrie’s but both are amazing. I want to go there SO badly.


  58. it’s just a sea of perfect shoes! the one pair you were wearing is very special *__*


  59. beautiful pics!!!

  60. “Guten Tag meine Kindereggs.” is cute somehow. But let´s not talk about your interesting (?) german skills: Great photos! I like your perspective on details.

  61. love zalando, great company!

    Those pastels shoes are amazing – can’t wait for more snaps

  62. Beautiful pictures. You also look great in a new haircut! :)
    I live in Berlin, and sometimes do not understand why people are interested only in East Berlin. Unfortunately, post-communist, gloomy mood of this part of town is not a complete picture of the metropolis. I hope for some pictures of West Berlin in the second part of your post. Show the city the way it really is.

    Greetings from Berlin


  63. I’m in love with your boots, and the pictures are pretty!

  64. Thanks for sharing, lovely photos

    XO Charlotte

  65. Berlin rocks!

  66. is that a bokeh-ified Samudra bag I see? DOES WANT

  67. i LOVE berlin. and your boooooots!
    but seriously, one of the best cities i’ve been to in europe. you’d never run out of interesting things to see and do. ok, need to go book some flights now…
    january, x

  68. you have amazing eyes for details Shini! and your photographs are pure beauty.. looooooove them all! :)

  69. sour gummiessssssssss!

  70. Your hair is looking yummily curly! Curlier than before.

    The only thing I remember from Year 7 German is “ich bin elf jahre alt” and “ich habe hunger horhorhrhor”

  71. Ah, Berlin!
    Magnificent photos AND text again. I love that you have not become one of those bloggers who used to write a lot but now concentrate on photos only haha. xo

  72. Marta

    Am I allowed to say how much I love your hair? And those camel looking boots are incredible

  73. Joanna

    That photo with the trams is really great, it’s so dynamic even though it’s static. As if they were moving back and forth.

  74. great boots!!

  75. Traveling around Berlin must be amazing. I love the simplicity and bold colors in Zalando’s collection- perfect for spring. Did anything catch your eye? Can’t wait to hear and see more of your trip!

  76. I love your hair in the first photo, both a little retro and very modern, beautiful!

  77. tine

    ah I would have loved to meet you here in my city… hope you had a great time :)

  78. Thea

    Haha, awesome. You do realize that “Ich bin ein Toilettenpapier, bitte?” means “I am a toiletpaper, please?” .. I could imagine what look they been sending you if you have been walking around saying that sentence!!

  79. Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  80. waddah al saadi

    i like it

  81. […] http:parkandcube.com/berlin-zalando-pt1/ […]

  82. AK

    I am debating whether to buy the earphones of Urbanears,
    And my girlfriend told me to ask you about your opinion
    So what do you think, you have two pairs (red and pink)
    Should I buy them? What color? (teenager 14 years old)

  83. hey, I was just browsing through olds posts and saw that you made a spelling mistake, “Hallo” is spelled with two l. :) Have a wonderful day, and I really like your blog, your photos are amazing!

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