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Top – . Skirt – Loewe. Heels – Manolo Blahnik. Bag – Celine.



in conversation with Bentley

‘Verified’. It’s an open secret that anyone with even a dab of digital presence will have looked up on Google, nay, will have asked various forums and perhaps even inappropriately prodded a vague contact at Instagram (sister of a friend of a friend) how one attains a ‘verified’ status on the platform. The famous blue badge that denotes legitimacy of an account, and all at the same time trivialises the collective effort of the ‘unbadged’ rest. For my journalist friends, it’s Twitter; for my golden-locked and Gucci-clad acquaintances, Instagram, or even Youtube.

I too, can confess to having spent three quarters of a weekend hour (i,e thing of gold) trying to suss the system out… digging around for perhaps a painful W8-BEN type form hidden in the nooks of the settings page, or some fiery hoops to jump through. I figured, nearly ten years in this game, I could flirt with the idea of ‘going legit’. Only, I found out too soon (and suspiciously easily), that there was no system as such. This baffled me. One girl reportedly reported a FB employee who had sold their anointing power to a slew of influencers, and as a thank you for they awarded her said badge. The rest of the advice was ‘amass a huge following’.


Developed by the Mulliner Special Commissioning Unit, with only 50 cars produced, the Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series is a stamp of authenticity, and veracity.


This got me thinking, given the various ambiguous methods of displaying self/career-worth available, and the seemingly unfulfilling tokens in place, what is it that truly verifies one’s authenticity and credibility? What was my hallmark?

Thankfully, the brands I choose to work with are great teachers in demonstrating exactly this — namely Bentley, and the Mulsanne Hallmark Series: a limited edition by Mulliner released at the Geneva Motorshow, which celebrates the marriage of unparalleled technology and craftsmanship. Only 50 units available in Gold and Silver, symbolic of its inspiration – precious metals which are authenticated by a hallmark, or stamps, validating their worth. No absurd grading system, simply the excellence in product. And the notion that, your true hallmark is purely your own passion and effort, even if there is no blue badge to say so.

Discover the full prestige of the series at Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series


…the notion that, your true hallmark is purely your own passion and effort, even if there is no blue badge to say so.



Top & trousers – Jacqumus. Belt – Loewe.



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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful work … as always! :)

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Amazing post and pics!

  3. in love with the look with the skirt


  4. It’s been a while but you are worth the wait.


  5. Yeah, I see the whole influencer/verified movement a bunch of BS. Sorry if i’m being rude, but I really don’t understand how most of these girls and guys who have zero worldly outlook can be considered role models. Maybe I’m bitter, I dunno…

  6. Absolutely love these images, my gawwwwd! Also the topic, I actually asked someone yesterday how to get that blue tick hahha! I think only if you get hacked or there are multiple fake accounts can you persuade them to give you the hallmark. Wha-eva!

  7. Nice shooting!!!!

  8. Rachelle

    Shini, badge or no badge, the passion and effort in your work speaks dramatically to your audience. <3 You are the epitome of class and grace (vis a vis IG stories) :D Selfishly, we want to keep you from becoming mainstream like the others! Kidding!

  9. Fantastic post – love the outfit too!


  10. Beauty!



  11. Gorgeous! Outstanding style!

    xxx Ria

  12. In love with your work once again, Shini! The thing I love the most about you is, you don’t mind to break all rules about blogging and promotion. All nonsense ones. Great idea as always. <3 There is something sick with all the social media right now, but till there are few artists like you, I'm still motivated to work and get better.


  13. I love how you write and compose your posts. You’re so talented and have such a big picture view of this medium. Wow!! Your style is incredible to boot!

  14. Perfect post and pics as usual!


  15. Gorgeous shoot – perfect and original.

  16. Car and outfits are so on point!

    Agnes x


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  18. As always Shini producing such inspiring content.

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  20. Mmm, love the shot of your hand on the car. Gorgeous. I cannot even imagine sitting in that though. I’d be too scared to get it dirty, my like godfather’s massive, all-white couch.

  21. Zulily Coupon

    Love your clothing styles :)

  22. ‘No absurd grading system, simply the excellence in product’. Has there ever been a better motto to live by? Another great editorial!

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