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Que pasa, Barcelona!


Park-Cube_Barcelona_003 Park-Cube_Barcelona_004




Park-Cube_Barcelona_008 Park-Cube_Barcelona_009



Park-Cube_Barcelona_012 Park-Cube_Barcelona_013

Arc de Triomf








Park-Cube_Barcelona_021 Park-Cube_Barcelona_022


White skirt – Mango. Frill bra-let – Topshop. Check shirt – Motel Rocks (similar). Heels – Mango. Pyramid leather cuff – Mango. Rose-gold watch – Guess. Clutch – Kurt Geiger Dino.

This is my seventh year in London and I have a feeling I just may have crossed over to the dark side sometime in the past year or so. The dark side where everything is blown out of proportion, that is, most especially the weather: where basically, anything other than overcast, dull skies is considered a gift from the apocalypse. So now I’ve come to accept that a bit of wind and rain is a HURRICANE, a bit of snow a SNOWSTORM, and hot-dang it’s sunny out, there must be SCORPIONS lurking outside the door. Any reason to cancel work and stay in bed with tea… it’s quite clever actually. I noticed this though, only as I was packing for Barcelona, because it seems I had exaggerated SPAIN in my brain and packed a summer vacation wardrobe. I really should have stuck my arm out the window, i.e Googled, and learnt that autumn in Barcelona is actually a slightly warmer version of autumn in London – definitely not bikini top and straw hat weather. Good thing there were clothes a-plenty at the Mango DIY workshops, because apparently a denim shirt and boyfriend jeans a great pair of long-johns make. Enough about me, Barcelona: what a beauty! While not my first time in Spain, it was my first time in the city and hence the region of Catalonia, and once again despite my exaggerated image of hammocks-and-palm-trees Spain, it was quite the contrary. The Barcelona I found, was a true West-Europa metropolitan city, bustling with professionals shuffling by busily with their heads low, or with tourists that walk with their heads generally fixed on a second floor level, Carrie (travel buddy) and self included in the latter. You won’t believe how many photos of beautiful balconies and building detailing I came home with. The city is rich in architectural history: Gaudi to the famous Gothic quarters (Barri Gòtic), although in our under-researched pride we’d seen very little of either. In fact, we’d spent the afternoon tossing Cheetos’ into eachother’s mouths under the Arc de Triomf, convinced this was the place to be, blissfully ignorant of the hip El Born area around the corner we meant explore. Oh, mañana.

By the by, my Polish friends wag their fingers at my tweets about how I may die of trench-foot because it’s 10 degrees (50°F) out. Yes, I have failed them.

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  1. The pictures look lovely….love the hand doorknob…I think I need one on my door. Lookslike a lovely time was had. x

  2. Amazing photos!


  3. You always make magic with your pictures


  4. I’m desperate to see Barcelona looks like such an amazing city

  5. Gorgeous photos!!

    Shani x

  6. The photos are beautiful, and you are so chic with this outfit!


  7. All pics were vibrant and cool although admittedly, I was a little taken aback by the hand on the door. Spooky. :) Your ‘fit was stunna.

  8. What are those flat chocolate looking donut things?

    Buckets & Spades

  9. oh I love the pop of tartan! So smart! And this totally made me miss Barca! xx

  10. shoes are gorgeous

  11. Beautiful post! The photography is amazing :)xx



  12. I love your colourful pictures, and you’re always wearing the most stylish outfits.
    Mafalda ❤

  13. beautiful pics!…. nice clutch.


  14. i’ve been to Barcelona twice but i cant relate to the weather feeling cause i’ve been there during early summer when the weather was sweet ;) but despite that factor the city its such a beautiful and inspiring place!!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  15. I have been to Barcelona for the first time this year, at the beginning of May, which wasn’t quite hot enough to swim in the sea, but I LOVED the city! It has everything I look for in a city (even with extras). A flat city where you can practically cycle or walk everywhere, very nice architecture, nice restaurants with a delicious cuisine, young population, lots of places to discover, a history and oh, the beach with sunny weather! (I only wish I could find a well-paid job there, wouldn’t wait a minute to move there :))
    excellent photos Shini, nice to see this lovely city from your objectif!

  16. Wow, beautiful photos and love your outfit!:)


  17. I lived in Barcelona for a year and I was constantly looking up at the windows, balconies, and architecture. It’s such an amazing city. Your pictures make me want to hop on the next plane and visit again.

  18. lovely photos as always. VIsited barcelona in Feb when London was so cold. and rollerblading along the Barcelona beach was the highlight of my trip because it was so sunny compared to cold London! can’t wait to visit that beautiful place again


  19. gorgeous photos!


  20. One of the my all time favourite cities in the world. Barcelona will always hold a special place in my heart.

    kb xx

  21. que bonitos!

  22. Oh I heart Barca! Beautiful, beautiful photos. Yes it’s def quite cold during November in Spain. Looks like you were staying/visiting Las Ramblas? That’s where I stayed too. Such a wonderful vibe in that area. Did you get a chance to see live Flamenco at Tablao Cordobes? It’s simply beautiful live! Have a beautiful day <3 Allura x kittenlamoda.com

  23. Great post – Barcelona looks like a beautiful place!

    xx Nicole

  24. Awww, you in my adopted home Barcelona! I feel so proud somehow although I know it’s silly but I am still so in love with this city and never regret moving here!
    Glad you enjoyed it and realised, that Catalunya is not Flamenco-dancing Spain under palm trees!

  25. Ah, such beautiful photos. I’ve never been to Barcelona but I would so love to go. Seriously in love with your top in these photos – so cute and flirty. xx

  26. Beautiful photos! I always come home with so many pictures of buildings. Barcelona is right up there on my places to visit list. And you’re 100% correct, us Brits like to exaggerate the weather, you have to forgive us we et a bit excitable when it’s anything other than mild! Loving the skirt!

  27. Beautiful photos – these have really cheered me up. I love Barcelona.

    Emma xx


  28. gorgeous photos. I really love that top!

    Hayley xx

  29. such spectacular photos!! and your top is so perfectly appropriate – chic and flirty at the same time, much as I imagine Barca to be :)

  30. I absolutely love your pictures!

  31. I absolutely love your pictures! :)

  32. I always look forward to your new posts :)

  33. Estela

    Donde puedo comprar el top negro con volante que sale en park and cube? Me encanta. Lo he buscado on line y en tienda y no lo encuentro.

  34. Gallina

    Great city! http://www.lavenue.com/

  35. Beautiful photos, beautiful model! ^__^ Sooo glad to have found your blog today! I am now much more in love with Barcelona than before!

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  37. Your pictures are stunning! Your outfit is equally amazing! I was just in Barcelona this summer and miss it terribly already, such a lovely vibrant city with amazing food. And yes, when in Barcelona you must always look up! :)

  38. awesome places :O

  39. love these pics about Barcelona. I think it´s a beautiful city, but you with your fabulous pics, make it a better place :D

  40. I spent my erasmus in Barcelona and never knew I could love living somewhere so much. It is beautiful and unique in every way to me, and when I stay away too long I really start to miss it. Then I spent 8 months in London a couple of years ago and got myself in a similar love affair and now I’m always nagging to my BF for a citytrip to one of the two. But Barcelona will always be my first love :)

  41. pallawi jain

    Your outfit is great

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  44. Best photos of my city! You are a really good photografer. Thank you!