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Jacket Reiss | Jersey Cardigan, Jeans Zara | Shoes Aldo | Bag River Island Men







I highly recommend anyone living/visiting London to check out Borough Market‘s Bambi-burger stand. They were out of beef so I had to go for Venison (deer) meat, which tastes Awwww my but not in the sense of aww my, cute little deer, if you know what I mean. I think if Disney had produced a movie about a cute little calf then we’d all be sentimental about our steaks and burgers. Not that I was any sentimental about my deermeat burger…in fact I was very happy to unite with Bambi that way.

As for the market, it’s a food market – a very well-mannered and full of colour, the sort of market where it’s still pleasant to be wedged between ice cream-hauling, burger-chomping people just because you’re doing exactly the same thing and it’s basically a food-gargling funfest.

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  1. That jacket is so cool. And now I’m hungry.

  2. Aaawh how I adore your food photography! I mean, seriously, everytime I look at these pictures I get so hungry, haha.
    I really love the color of your jacket. Nice!

  3. Wow, you’ve taken some great photos here! I love the colour combo of your outfit post and then couped with the food… DOUBLE YUMMY!! What camera do you use? PS I’m about to shrew up my jeans a la DIY you posted a few days ago, wish me luck :-D

  4. Awh man, I definitely need to go there next time I visit London!

  5. amazing look!!

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    espero te guste!


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  6. Those photos just made me really hungry!


  7. shini, you sound like a perfect person to have lunch with!

    was “babe” a disney movie too? hmm he was cute but i still love samgyupsal hehe

  8. A Bambi-burger, haha. It looks very good!

  9. What a nice color your jacket haves!
    And your shoes are really cool!
    I ate like a pig just 2 minuts ago and you made me want moreee.
    I don’t like deer meat though. I think it’s sooo disgusting. The taste is just too strong or eww. I just hate it.

  10. Holly

    Love that market.

    Did you try the juice? Excellent juice..


  11. Ah, I love the jacket and the colour :)
    Pretty outfit ^^

  12. God, that jacket is beautiful!


  13. I’ve never seen anywhere where they sell deer so I’ve never had the chance to try, but I hardly eat meat anyway so..
    You take great photos by the way, which camera do you use?

  14. wow, i love the photos! and the jacket! AHH, so nice. is it leather? it looks like it in the first picture. and the color!

  15. Great jacket!! The bag looks hot too ;)

  16. omgggg shini your photos are AMAZING. i likey the one of something a stewin’ in a wok-like apparatus? bambi in a bun sounds intriguing.
    mm the way you’ve layered that bright jacket with the neutral tone sweatuh is cutiessss.

  17. i will definitely remember about the place and, believe me, about your today’s outfit too! everything has its purpose here – the beautiful jacket and the cardigan! so great!

    a jako, że po polsku mogę się u Ciebie wypowiadać :D to napiszę, że ten burger wygląda niesamowicie smacznie! :D
    udanego tygodnia :))

  18. Those colours work perfectly, aah!

  19. the cubes look like colored tofus. lol

    SHINIIII. the color combination in your outfit is like perfect. and your photos are something else. I LOVE THEM. so mysterious that last burger picture. hehe. lighting and clarity are flawless

  20. Your photos are absolutely amazing. I’ve been to Borough Market a few times, it’s a food haven!

  21. oooo omg. my last and only visit in london was kinda boring cos i was a lil young’n and I hated sight seeing BUT your photos make london looks sooooooooooo amazing that I’m dying to go back for another visit!!!!!!

  22. I had a blog crush on you.^^
    the perfect splash of color, great outfit.

  23. ahh perfect outfit:) love the splash of color!! I too have a blog crush on you lol :)

  24. love that jacket! and the food looks delish!

  25. bloody wonderful outfit. ;) i’ll put this on my list of what to visit in london.

  26. These are awesome photos!

    Bambi burger? I’d try that!

  27. I miss London and Europe!!!!!! Wanna go back. You don’t see that kind of stuff in Hawaii.

  28. I would definitely eat deer meat if presented in such a way that would make me drool (aka, your photo). Does it taste any different than regular meat?

  29. food porn drives me hungry! huh.

    i love your orange jacket! i want to steal it. lol


  30. loving the pop of color! so fresh and appropriately chosen ;)

  31. I love the colors of your jacket and your top!! So lovely and perfect! I love burgers, I wish I eat one everyday! xxoxoxoxo

  32. Those shoes are sick!!!!!!!! Jealous!!!!! How’s the comfort level? Your photos are always so amazing. Love your photography skills.

  33. wow! the outifit is gorgeous and the pics… just amazing! I’m hungry now!!!

  34. dindi

    i admire your photography skills. :) who’s taking your fashion pics and what camera model are you using?

  35. that orange colour on the jacket is yummy :)!

  36. the market looks amazing!! so in love with the colour of your jacket & cool shoes as always!! xx

  37. love the sudden splash of colour! i love the photography you do, makes me hungry! and yes, perhaps i WILL try some deer thank you very much ;P

  38. How can I do a diet when I see this kind of yummy pictures :D
    I really like the colour of your jacket ^^

  39. Dannnggg those food pics are so nice!

  40. ooh my this looks absolutely yummy.

    Love your writing, you my friend have excellent taste in fashion and depicting one hell of a burger!

  41. Ahhhh that looks soooo yummy!!! Haha it’s funny how even though that duck drawing on the blackboard looked pretty adorable, the thought of foie gras just made me hungry… we’re all carnivores when it comes down to it…!

  42. that picture was shown after a week and my face was still swollen! it’s been about 1.5 weeks now and i’m still in a lot of pain..i was called chipmunks! i’m really liking that jacket, and the color is so sweet

  43. LOVE that jacket… I always rummage through Reiss but their stuff never fits quite right. Hmmmm. Maybe I should try again ;-)


  44. i love that shirt you have under the jacket! yummy foooooooooodd. i wish i lived in london, i think i’d be a lot skinnier… haha.

  45. I’ll admit… deer is delicious.

    And Aldo has been getting it very right lately!


  46. Yum, venison must be delicious. I’ve only ever tried deer sausage, but let’s just say I haven’t tried many animals that didn’t agree with me. As long as it’s meat we’re talking about and not a gland, I’ll try it.

    The pictures you took of the market are gorgeous! I wish there was a farmer’s market I could visit today!

  47. never had deer meat before, but looking at that makes my mouth water. I need a lamburger ASAP. I love the color pairings her. And that food market looks fun, they are always so loud and busy.

  48. oh my gosh bambi in a bun! that title is awesome. the burger looks awesome and i don’t even like meat. I absolutely love the orange jacket and how you’ve mixed it with the nude coloured sweater. I love neons&nudes together on the runway and you totallyyy made it awesome for real life.

  49. Oh my I can actually smell those burgers!! (I think my housemate is cooking)

  50. Their produce are amazing!! Loved their chicken burgers :)

  51. Wow, that orange jacket is amazing! and so is Borough, it used to be favourite place in London

  52. oh my goodness! fois gras tastings!?!?!? and burgers? my two favorite things in the world! i’ll have to make sure to stop by here next time im in london.

  53. Your outfit is awesome! Love the jacket and the shoes <3
    Beautiful photos <3<3 looks super fun!!!
    xoxo L.

  54. Loving those shoes!


  55. LOL. charming as always, and hm….always thought bambi would taste good. will have to go try some deermeat soon :P

  56. I remember finding similar leather jackets at thrift stores and trying them on, hoping they would look somewhat like the (new?) one you’re wearing here, but the shoulders are always hideously large. Drat. But I love yours.

  57. That makes me so hungry! Yummy! I cannot wait to eat now…I really love your jacket as well. I love the color of it.

  58. your food pictures are brutal – I can’t look at them when I’m hungry
    just too good

    drooooool * * *

  59. The coral looks great against the stone colour. This is a great way for a colour-phobe like me to slowly start introducing summeriness into my otherwise monochrome wardrobe!