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ParkandCube_Ballet-London_12_Hires ParkandCube_Ballet-London_10_Hires




Body, Dance shoes – Bloch. Skirt – ASOS. Shot at FRAME with Kit.

This is probably the closest thing to a ‘gym’ I’ll ever go in my entire life as a wimp – but here I am Internet, off the couch and in a tutu. This of course does not mean I’ve divorced Nutella, it just means I’ll probably cry less while emptying a jar in the middle of the night. The gym does scare me though, all those metal, long, straight, round things I’d have no idea what to do with. Plus if the treadmill is meant to be used as if you’re running on the street then I’d probably sit on it with a Snickers bar and wait for the bus. Alas, by the end of year 2013 my eczema was starting to take its toll – nothing I put on my skin worked, and the more I researched treatments, it wasn’t down to the type of ointment/cream I was applying on my skin but ultimately what goes in me: food and exercise. So, generic New Years resolutions aside, I decided to get my act together. I’d read something about the Special K program by Kelloggs and decided to put myself on it, mostly for discipline but also because I wanted to track my progress – a year down the line I wanted to say SUCK IT to eczema and part with it forever. Kelloggs kindly pitched in to support the ’cause’, and I chose beginners ballet because I’d always wanted to learn. Give me a few months, I’m kicking this eczema in the ballsack, look out for updates.

If you’re looking for ballet classes in London, FRAME do fantastic ballet classes for beginners, called Basic Barre, (or Ballet Barre for the more experienced) that generally helps you tone and improve posture and balance. For longer programs, City Academy offers a wide range of ballet courses in many levels. Another two I recommend are Danceworks and Pineapple Studios, two I frequented as a student (for hiphop classes) that offer singular classes.

Supported, but not sponsored, by Kelloggs.

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  1. You have inspired me to enroll in beginner’s ballet! Never too old, right??

  2. Umm, my chin is literally on the floor. Why u looking so chic Shini?

    Absolutely love that you are partnering with a brand like Kelloggs. Such an interesting collaboration and much more refreshing than that collaborations you normally see between bloggers and brands. Can I just say you look mega adorable in a tutu (please wear this outfit for dinner next Wed night). Also, how are you jumping so perfectly in that photo? You should’ve been cast in Black Swan.

    p.s. I hate GIFS, but that one is pretty heavenly. xx

  3. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on earth with eczema. Thank you for your honesty.

  4. You look beautiful as a ballerina :)
    The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog

  5. Such an amazing post! Great images… and good for you!!!

  6. I’ve always felt that cereals (wheats, oats, those grainy stuffs that horses eat? lol) caused my eczema flare ups. So maybe you might want to document your body reactions to that!

    Anyway, dancing is a good form of exercising! It’s at least much more fun than… running in the bloody cold. Swimming, is obviously, impossible now.

    Summer… when you comin’ back, bro. Ugh.

  7. wow wonderful post ♥


  8. Wow, the pictures look beautiful and you look so elegant. Ballet is definitely a great way to get in shape!

    P.S I eat Nutella in the middle of the night too :)

  9. You clearly have some experience in this :p your feet turn out beautifully.
    I must make a generic resolution like this myself, but I feel so demotivated when I think of dragging myself to a gym…

    Joana x When You Dream Big

  10. Thanks for being real on the blog about your eczema. I recently (since September) have been getting terrible rosacea. What started off as something of the sort, “ooh… natural blush” turned into something much more horrific with burning skin (and side note, I’m brown). It sort of is scary and embarrassing as I have never grappled with anything of the sort before and seeing blogs and especially beautiful, flawless women is a bit intimidating. So thank you again, for sharing this.

  11. Is it just me or is every girl wishing to be a ballerina right now? I’ve had my ballet costume tab open for the last two weeks… I don’t want to sweat like a dog. I want to look like part of the Swan corps de ballet.

  12. Uju

    Beginner?! Surely not!! You look like a pro.

    A fellow eczema sufferer since childhood, my life changed 8 years ago when I discovered Allergenics. Amen!

    I buy it for everyone I know who begins to utter the words ‘ecz…! lol


    Available in Holland and Barratt for a ransom so I buy mine online. The intensive care ointment and the emollient creams are the shiz!! Forget the body lotion its not strong enough!! xx

  13. Just, Waw!

  14. beautiful post…

    lovely pics as always.x


  15. I’ve always wanted to do Ballet as a kid I was too busy terrorising my family with 6am cello rehearsals hal!
    Goodluck Shini xx

  16. Amazing photos chick,glad it’s helping your exzema that must be a nightmare

  17. The photos are beautiful, a real ballerina! I hope your eczema is gonna get better.


  18. I’ve been wanting to start doing beginner ballet for a while now to help recover from chronic fatigue I’ve had over the past couple of years. Right now I’m so weak from lying in bed all that time, that that now even working in the office (walking from desk to photocopier etc) gives me a ‘work out’ that makes me sore…! It’s embarrassing. There’s only one tiny studio that maybe offers it in my town if enough people sign up though, so finger’s crossed! Good luck with your endeavour, I hope you can get rid of that eczema! x

  19. I’m so sorry to hear that! I also had a very mild case (?? mild chronic…?) of CFD in uni too and it was really difficult – have you tried taking Bee Pollen tablets? Apparently people swear by it when it comes to natural energy boost (and also eczema – it boosts the immune system apparently, which causes most skin disorders).

    Hope you’ll be able to kick (mind the pun!) it soon. xx

  20. Wonderful post. And absolutely beautiful photos! Hope the eczema gets better!


  21. ollyvia laura

    SUPER !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Go you! I have Ulcerative Colitis, and diet and exercise end up being so crucial. Here’s to us beating these nasty things into submission!

  23. Eczema my a hole!

    Wish the mirrors were a little dirtier….

  24. …and throw in some condensation, for lovely reflection.

  25. Wow, that’s a mighty good jump there for a beginner! Glad that you are taking the eczema by the ballsack..haha. Here’s to resolutions.

  26. I deal with some skin issues at the moment so thank you Shini for sharing your eczema story. It really does make an effect what we put into our body and it is not only a matter of the moisturisers we use.
    I am jealous of your ballet classes, I wish i could do that leg work! Fabulous :) xx

  27. Angel

    You were already always so graceful. Love these photos of you, especially the first and last ones. When I was a kid, I wanted to do ballet. My dad forced me into a karate class. “You’re too stiff! Why can’t you be more like your sister?” My mom put me in a traditional Cambodian dance class. “She’s so stiff! Why can’t she be more like her sister?” After I quit the karate class, I had a problem with me feet and even up ’til now I still can’t point my toes without pulling something. It’s really, really cool that you’re fighting hard against eczema in such an active and equally pretty way. Physical activity isn’t really a part of my lifestyle, but it should be since I keep getting hit with various health issues. I guess since I park 10 – 15 min away from home I should run to my car every morning and run back home every evening… Or I’ll check out that Special K program first.

  28. yay for you eczema improving!
    i’d love to try ballet
    i have TERRIBLE posture and it would be fantastic to improve it

  29. perfect shots as always, unni! it’s almost breathtaking to see you in ballet attire because i always define you as graceful swan ;_; hwaiting for your battle! sending you full support and love xx

  30. i’ve also heard that taking short, colder showers is also the way to go with close to no soap. stunning photos btw.

    reckless abandon

  31. dot/dash

    If we were to be in mid-school, I’d ask you to become my pen-pal right now. :) But then again, we’re all grown ups in here, so I won’t get all enthusiastic about writing that I have the exact same Bloch shoes (they’re the best kind, though, not squishing your fingers like others), or any other whimsical things (so hard not to :P). So, out of simple adult empathy, I’m strongly encouraging you to go with it all the way. It’s amazing.

    After taking up ballet classes on and off for what looks like a really long time on my lifeline (but actually isn’t), I went back to them last year. This time to help with posture/technique/everything else in between for the contemporary dance classes I’ve been taking non-professionally for three years now.

    It works wonders, and not only for working chemistry with your brain, or raising the self esteem bar. Dancers, they say, should indulge of all sorts of physical activity – so once you’ll get past the initial muscular pain in your bones, you’ll probably start aching for more things (maybe even – gasp! – gym). Best part is that they’re not even gonna seem so hard as you’re seeing them now. Dancing makes everything happen so much more easily, I think. And while ballet is all about strong will and perseverance at any level – going into it with the open-out-towards-everything kind of attitude we only had when we were kids surely pays the way to achieving the best of what is yet possible, even if it’s hard.

  32. wow!!

    xoxo from rome

  33. Amazing shots..


  34. I´m in love with this post, gorgeous pics! I love photography and ballet. You look elegant and lovely

  35. Stunning pictures!! Absolutely beautiful!

  36. Ballet dancing always looks so elegant!
    Good luck with fighting the eczema. You can do this :)

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  38. Stella

    As a fellow eczema sufferer I feel this article would have been really useful to me…but it just wasn’t! The pics look great but I really don’t see the connection between Special K & combating eczema?! I also workout loads and don’t feel like this helps my eczema…

  39. So sorry if it wasn’t of much help Stella, as I’m sure you know, I use this blog more as a visual diary than anything so the article was less about offering practical advice as it was to perhaps show a personal pledge for active change towards healing eczema. This is also where Kelloggs Special K program fits in, as it encourages women to take initiative. (In truth people with eczema would AVOID eating wheat products, and therefore cereals)

    Plus, from research it seems everyone’s eczema is very different, have you figured out what is causing your eczema? Skin troubles like eczema are usually caused by our body’s immune system being weaker so a general ‘treatment’ would be simply to boost immunity. I’ve heard a lot of people swear by Bee Pollen tablets, they’re quite hard to get a hold of (try Holland & Barrett), but you can purchase off the internet too. And of course, simply diligent treatment of your ultra dry skin is important – clean with Cetaphil, avoid perfumed beauty products etc… don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you’d like to talk about it more!

  40. These pictures are stunning! I’m happy I came across your blog from Bloglovin

  41. Try Aveeno Eczema Moisturizer, trust me it’s AMAZING!

    a fellow eczema sufferer

  42. stick to it! you’re doing great :) and you look really cute doing it too hehe

  43. I wish I could do ballet, if only to improve my flexibility.

    xx Nicole

  44. Shelley Alder

    Love the ballet, post , what an fantastic way to excercise, beats running any day.
    My daughter had chronic eczema for years and I used Cetaphil – gentle skin cleanser instead of soap. I also used it on the effected areas 10 minutes before showering … and as a soap replacement , worked a treat . We all still cleanse our faces with this product … oh and the addition of the Clarisonic till this day.

  45. I’m so sorry to hear your daughter had eczema too, I imagine she was quite young when she had it? Hope it’s all cleared now.
    I also use Cetaphil and Clarsonic, but I think at the moment the problem I have is what’s causing the flare-ups, as I still haven’t managed to identify! Thank you so much for the recommendation though, it’s a huge encouragement anyway to hear one can actually beat this! x

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  47. skin problems are the worst!! i have acute psoriasis, and I used coconut oil as my daily lotion, its not a treatment solution, but it does smell nice, moisturizes, and very natural! So it wouldn’t irritate your skin!!

  48. Won

    언니 너~무 곱다

  49. wow! i’m speechless!

  50. This pictures are so fabulous. You look so faminine and beautiful.

    Take a look at my new post at http://splashesandbeautiful.blogspot.de/2014/02/a-little-bit-of-purple.html ;)

  51. This is one classy post. I wanted to try indoor rock climbing actually, that’s still on the cards.

    Buckets & Spades

  52. I find these shots fascinating, they´re so delicate, elegant and they transmit such a romantic atmosphere! You look amazing, great skirt

  53. Oh I just love your pictures as a ballerina! I did ballet for over 10 years and I’m just obsessed by the beauty of it!
    Mafalda ❤

  54. oh i love the gif picture of you, i went to ballet for 6 years, I know how hard it is

  55. Beautiful photos! Especially the one with you leaping in the air. Looking like a pro ballet dancer.

    Weekend Bliss | Breakfast At Borough Market

  56. Love this post. I used to have it as well, but now I often get it when I don’t get enough sleep… But luckily it’s getting better and less everytime:) Love the ballet class, I’m going to London for a few months soon so I guess I can have a look.

  57. Gorgeous photos!

  58. I eliminated sugar, dairy and gluten from my diet….and voila, everything went away.

  59. I’m trying so hard to do that but I keep asking myself what does one eat when those three are removed :'( (SOB)

  60. @Shini, hehe i did this too, i lasted 13 days but it had no effect on me :(( though i think i should have stuck longer.

  61. Hahahaha, there are lots of options but I think you have to be instinctually ready
    for that kind of radical change. Something in me didn’t want it anymore that’s why
    it was easy for me. I am sure that your own body will guide you beautifully. Plus,
    everyone’s biochemistry is so different. On another note, you look beyond lovely
    in your photos :))

  62. @Shini, I know!!ah the misery of detox!

  63. Dee

    Frame is 30 seconds down the road from me. Always wanted to attend one of their cardio classes. Heard they’re pretty damn good!

  64. well I’ve been battling eczema since I was a kid and just when I thought that I have overgrown it. It crept back 5 years ago as I turned twenty !
    The only thing I’ve noticed working that daily showering with Australian Body Care body wash and I keep myself well moisturized with E45 most of the time and I sure kissed it goodbye !

  65. WOW!! Judging from the 7th pic, I’d never have put you down as a beginner, go gurrrlll!! I started ballet too this year and I took up hip hop, it all started because i decided to give zumba ago and my nike fuel back sky rocketed through its fuel points and i realised dance is actually an amazing cardio as you get your whole body moving. and yay to kicking eczema’s ass!! it’s not gonna know what’s hit it ;) I am currently kicking my acne’s ass which suddenly which i’ve been trying to tackle since the summer. I feel your pain, i spent money after money on supposedly magic potions which clear up your skin, i am a marketer’s dream, i see the 5 star rating and i’m in. though some products did help–for like a second grrr

    i’m all about that eat clean lifestyle now too (80:20 and on bad weeks 60:40 hehe)

    good luck XXX

  66. Ugghhh tell me about it! I think if someone in a white gown told me to smear poop on my face and it had some kind of a pricetag I’d do it. I’ve tried everything, and you’re right – all worked for about a second.

    I need to try Zumba! there’s a Zumba class on the floor above my ballet classes and it’s hilarious listening to the stomping, while we’re doing pointes and girly shizz. Sounds like a much more fun option than going to the gym and lifting heavy things…

    From what I hear, acne – similar to eczema (any ‘extreme’ skin conditions) has roots in what we eat, especially gut leakage. So I’d suggest seeing a nutritionist! All the best with your skin woes! x

  67. kim

    I have to chime in on that last part… I had a weird case of eczema for about 7 months last year – had to go see a dermatologist who prescribed some ointment which the pharmacist had to cook up. Worked fine but I couldn’t really go without it… Then I happened to get tested for leaky gut (due to different weird/random complaints) and was “diagnosed” (seems to be a pretty vague science still) with either leaky gut or food allergies. I’ve been gluten free for 3 months now and as a nice side effect the eczema hasn’t reoccured, even without treatment.
    I must admit I cheated over Christmas though. Gluten free really suckz monkey balls sometimes :/ I sure miss noodles.
    Oh and also – beautiful pictures Shini :)

  68. Shini (onni), I’m happy and encouraged by your own initiative to take up ballet again and commit to beating eczema. I have it too, and it’s been particularly tough this year. A parent I met said they saw recently on Korean news that vitamin B12 cream helped many eczema sufferers – I think it was a particular brand but she didn’t specify. Because of my skin I struggle with self-esteem and body image, and despite loving photography I hate taking photos of myself. Your skin, maybe because of the lighting or Photoshop, looks so beautiful and clear and bright! I hope to have such skin this year, too.

    And, beautiful photography as always – I love the jump shot!

  69. Elegant and stylish! I´m a ballet lover and you look awesome

  70. beautiful photos and like that gif!


  71. Great shots, love the atmosphere that you transmit, you look great on that ballet skirt

  72. Eczema really has quite a bit to do with stress. When I started my Ph.D. program, I moved to a small cloistered town in the middle of nowhere New Jersey, and was in a long-distance relationship where my significant other was far away in East Asia… I suddenly started getting random blemishes on my faces and at the very worst times, a weepy rash around my mouth. It was terrible. Nothing I used by way of creams or supplements could stop the sudden flare-ups.

    This lasted for a year, then once my love came back, I was suddenly much better. I don’t know if something in your life, environmental, personal, professional or otherwise has changed significantly recently, but by adjusting things bit by bit, I hope that you will get better soon. It seems like the exercise is a nice place to start, because trying new activities and getting a different lifestyle routine going is always refreshing, albeit a bit disorienting at first.

    I wish you the best!

  73. Gosh, I feel for you. I find with any condition, finding the root cause is difficult. I was losing hair, bit by bit but then clumps started dropping followed by visible bald patches. It took 2 GPs, 1 cardiologist, tons of Google searches and eyeballing every conceivable possibilities to finally figure out it was my BP medication (started when I was very young). I was misdiagnosed (so never believe everything that your GP tell you too even if it’s your own brother!). Took another 3 months (and loss of more hair) to run the drug out of my system and a further 3 months to build up enough iron in my body.

    I’m back to exercise though not one as graceful as your ballet to reduce my reliance on prescription. My hair has started to grow back (tons of itty bitty hair and grey too but I’m not complaining) but the entire process was exhausting but I’m thankful that I managed to find the root cause.

  74. Adorable and romantic pics, you look fab and femenine

  75. M

    eczema sucks! my daughter had it for years and we finally did a food sensitivity test (not allergy), it is called IGG. and eliminated the foods she was sensitive to (not Nutella). the eczema is gone. I hope that you can figure out the source of yours too!

  76. You look absolutely fantastic hope the health reigned works for you! Keep us posted- I am more of a yoga princess myself, have you tried it?

  77. These shots are superb! Congrats for your blog, I can´t miss a day without reading your posts, the ballet look is wonderful

  78. I have eczema on my arm too and I know how much of a bitch that can be. If it secretes some kind of pus, don’t let that get anywhere else or it will spread. I usually use steroid cream to stop it from itching but once the itching stops, leave on moisturizer so that it doesn’t get too dry. It can be treated and mine has been kept under control. Hope this helps and get well soon! :)

  79. Ok, I am sure this is not the first time you’ve heard this but I haven’t said it yet- your blog is aMaZiNg!! And this post is quite inspiring. I love the pictures as well as your take on not letting the negatives in life get you down :)

    Mo x // Within My Locket

  80. Listen to your mother eat healthy,no refined sugars eg Special K and all the candies.Find a homeopathic Dr in London and solve your eczema problem once and for all

  81. Ah, love you so much for talking about your eczema. I don’t.

  82. ann

    I was going to comment on here about how your photos are amazing and that you totally don’t look like a ballet beginner but I got sidetracked by commenting on the eczema post. I hope the eczema goes away soon! And yes, sweating it out will definitely help! Good luck x

    (Also sorbolene cream. Lots of it. I’m sorry if I sound like the messiah of sorbolene cream — actually I think I am.)

  83. Love a good tutu :) I danced for 13 years in France but since I have moved to the UK I have completely left it and I am moving to London permanantly so I am definitely going to try to get back to it :) Thanks for this post!
    I just found your blog and might definitely come to the blogging event next thursday would love to meet you :)



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  86. Trish


    I’ve been a follower of your blog for a few years now. I always love your outfit/lifestyle posts but this, literally, made my jaw drop. I don’t know if this is just a hobby and more like a workout routine for you. Your form looks awesome. This post is awesome. Can you do more posts about ballet? What’s it like to train in it. Ballet fashion (although a classic leotard looks great as it is). The levels. The bun!!

    And you’re right. If I must do a workout in any place, I’d pick a ballet studio, hands down.

  87. Yeah, fuck eczema! I have my grandmother to thank for handing mines down to me.
    Best of luck with ballet and you health journey.

  88. Gorgeous photos! With the eczema, I’ve suffered terribly over the years ever since I was a child, and the only thing that works for me is the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream. It’s quite literally my miracle cream. I get eczema on my eyes so I’m limited to what I can use, and this is the only thing that I can use on my eyes and that works wonders. Try it, it’s the best!

    C x

  89. The ballet fits you and your delicate body much better than a gym, that’s a great choice. Plus it’s so elegant and girly :) I love all the shots, such awesome quality!

  90. That gif is one of the loveliest I’ve seen in a while! ♡♡♡

  91. Beautiful, only beautiful ! Have a nice and sweet day !

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  93. steven suzy

    you are looking very beautiful and great work out .
    i love ballet dance thanks for share this post.