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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Butters the dog brought by Kristin of The Clothes Whisperer (with Jenny from the PR team)

Beautiful Carrie of Wish Wish Wish and Natalie of Canned Fashion

Left: Scarlett of Little Bambi Boots; Right: Emily of My Fashion Life

Illamasqua Cosmetics

Scarlett’s tattoo

ASOS New season Empire Dress (Available soon) + Feather & beads bib

Jacket – Vintage from Etsy, Pistachio Dress – H&M, Leather Pants – ASOS, Shoes – Gmarket, Bag – Topshop

I did a wrong click in ASOS and ended up in a whole new section that I’ve never seen before, called Awesome Soiree (free shipping for all). Stocked were items in the new and upcoming collection, a little too many hesitant looks at the canapé plates (Do I talk to strangers [with blogs] with mouth full of mozzarella & tomato or do I suppress this hunger?), dressing rooms with no boundaries (physical and metaphorical), and of course, for those willing to see the ‘products’ in action, the famous ASOS catwalk.

We were all a little shy in the beginning, whispering to our champagne glasses and petting the only living thing that won’t talk back, Butters the dog. The party really only started when the hair & makeup crew prompted some of the bloggers to get a makeover (not hinting on anything, I presume), and then we all eventually lunged for pieces on the racks and changed in the curtainless dressing rooms like varsity boys’ basketball locker room. It was so fun, to say the least, to mingle with UK’s top loved bloggers wearing Britain’s most-loved online retailer new season pieces. The evening folded with delicious cookies that were baked by one Kayla (who has a baking blog!) of ASOS’ team, and a goodybag, as if the evening wasn’t VIP treatment enough.

Hats off to ASOS for putting on such a great evening. Bloggers catwalk, what an idea!

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  1. great pics! :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun, I don’t think I would have been able to resist the food!

  3. aafrica

    you looked lovely!

  4. Ah, looks like you had a wonderful time! And your photos are fantastic, as always :)

  5. those shoes! and the cookies. yum for both.
    looks like a great atmosphere.

  6. The idea of a bloggers catwalk sounds funny – are we going to see pictures of the show? I really like hte pics of the canapes – all in all, the whole series is interesting.


  7. there are no other words to describe this post other than GORGEOUS!

  8. I can’t find the Awesome Soiree link! :(

  9. You look so pure. Great simple outfit.
    Kisses Shini! :)

  10. The pistachio dress looks almost white but it’s fantastic with the black pants. Sounds like a wonderful evening, I guess the dog was an ice-breaker?
    Lost of love :D

  11. The photos are amazing….awww the cakes!
    From what I’ve heard from ASOS_Nat it was a fun and successful night :)
    Looking forward to your SFW coverage!

    P.S Damn where were you at the Miele+Jasper Garvida event? I kept forgetting you were flying off to Seoul on that day!

  12. hiya was lovely to meet you at the event, glad you enjoyed it :) It was not me who made the amazing cakes though, it was the lovely Kayla!

  13. That red bag is gorgeous! I think I’m heading to the ASOS site right now!


  14. Love that mint tulip dress you have on!


  15. ahh those tan bootie shoes are amaaazing..


  16. I love those shoes in the middle of the stack of photos. Just LOVE.

  17. Look at all that illamasqua make up. Recently got into their rich colors when I spotted blogger Fade to Black in the fierce lip gloss!! LOVE.

  18. That is a great idea! Kudos to ASOS for such a brilliant marketing strategy! Looks like it was a lot of fun for all of you bloggers too– can’t wait to see some of the new duds. I love ASOS.

  19. looove the pictures. i just got totally hungry looking at the last pic. :D


  20. loove the pics. i’m now hungry looking at the last pic. :D

  21. you are so inspirational. thanks for sharing. <3

  22. I was sorry I missed this, it looks great, and your photos are so clean & lovely, it feels like being there. I didn’t know about it in advance & then thought we needed to be invited but it’s my own damn fault for not signing up. THEN realised it was the same night I was torn between two events, and ended up missing both, to go to a third.

    You tell a good story, Shini: verbally, in the written word, and of course, visually. I can practically taste those canapes & cookies! xx

  23. The PR peeps at ASOS are very selective with bloggers for such events, they only pick the ones they liked.

    K x

  24. p.s. your outfit in the shot with Carrie.. is that yours? I just love that, especially the pistachio H&M dress. It’s just such a gorgeous mix of textures, you’ve got the balance just right.

  25. Sounds like such a cool event. I really like the bib you’re wearing, it’s so unusual and matches the white dress so well. Those cookies look awfully delicious too!


  26. it must have been nice and Oh my god they are some shoes in those pictures


  27. Hello lovely! This looks like it was so much fun! Such a great idea by asos as well. I love your outfit, the leather with the dress and killer heeeeeeels. We must get together soon! xx

  28. looks like such a blast! cupcakes, clothes, shoes, catwalk…. why wasn’t i invited??? sniff sniff :P xx

  29. A whole lot of me wants to scream “oh my god” and try and pull all of the scrumptious pieces through the screen of my computer. However, that would be terribly inappropriate seeing that I’m sitting in class.

  30. so adorable! and that red fringed bag. I die. xx

  31. amazing post, love the pictures

  32. Pictures look great, nice party i think ^^.

  33. Jay

    This is pretty irrelevant to the post, but i have an interview for the BA Graphics course at saint martins! Just wondered if you have any tips for my portfolio? :)

  34. gorgeous images Shini, thank you for sharing. hope your trip is going well

  35. great stuff!
    check out my blog: http://loresfashion.blogspot.com

  36. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    great narration. i’d give the food all my attention :P but yes kudos to ASOS for such a swell idea.

  37. Looks like a really fun day with lots of yummy treats in the form of baked goodies…AND great clothes. Love the candid shots!

  38. hahaha sooo lucky, seems like so much fun. I WANT THOSE BEIGE BUCKLE SHOES!!

  39. WOW!! How do you get invited to something like that? Looks amazing! x
    Love your blog


  40. Love Scarlets tattoo x

  41. I like all shoes of this post ! Asos ?

  42. you do take such clear photos. they’re really a pleasure to look at. i love how scarlett’s tattoo adds to her outfit. wish i had been one of ‘the chosen ones’, and joined in the fun.. as everyone does i’m sure!.

  43. Love this post, you look amazing. I love those Gmarket laced boots, can you post the link of the store you got them from? Thanks!

  44. Wow, that is the coolest blogger event I’ve ever heard of! I wish they would invite us danish bloggers there sometime!

  45. So many great inspiring images, and some lovely garments. Are these all from Asos?

  46. Pictures are great, sounds like you had fun!

  47. The black (high) shoes are realy cool.
    I want these pair !!!

  48. That looks like a lot of fun :D
    P.S I LOVE those black and white heels in the 4th to last picture, very cute

  49. Hey! Like your style.

    Maybe you’re interested in our magazine!



  50. That red woven bag is absolutely stunning.

  51. wow, what a great life, I envy u so much, everything looks stunning and cute