I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Flora, partner in donut crime

Sweater – Monton, Shirt as skirt (a la Anywho)- mum’s Stefanel, Belt – Courtesy of JinYoo103684 , Shoes – Topshop, Bag – Lithuanian Market, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

Thank you Flora for the outfit shots!

Actually, that second to last row should have an equals sign in the middle, donuts = horse calves. The weather was illegally good today so it was only right to find an illegally great donut to accompany the almighty homicide of winter, and none other than the rose-jam-almond-shavings donuts from Chmielna street came to mind. Mother always said eating in the street is unladylike but one whiff of the donutshop and I was ready to peel off the sequins from Flora’s top (that she sewed on) just because they resembled almonds… what lady?

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  1. I’m not too sure what horse calves are, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have them.

    Those donuts look amazing, and I wish I could have my hair as long as yours.

  2. Gorgeous photographs – and so stylish too!

  3. Do i see BARE legs???!!! Sexy mama! You look fabulous with them bare Shini! You should definitely do it more often! ;)

  4. Joy.Y

    Hi Shini,

    I am coveting your mustard colored shoes..It should be 2.5”? Wah wah wah.. I am scrolling up and down to oggle at them…


  5. Gorgeous photos as always, and you look gorgeous as well! :) The shirt as a skirt…so creative and it works so much better than how I’d imagine it in my head haha And the colour of those shoes….Mmmmmmm!


  6. Yum! Those donuts look so good! And you do not have horse calves! Beautiful, legs in fact :)

  7. those almond flakey brioches look absolutely delicious. your look is equally amazing! i love it.


  8. looks so yummy! and I beg to differ, your calves look amazing, as do those yellow heels :)

  9. Rachel K.

    I assume you meant to type “partner” but it came out as “parter”. :) I like your shoes..

  10. Hahaa Parter, thanks for letting me know! :D

  11. That donut looks so yummy! I’m really enjoying the nice pop of colour you’ve brought to your outfit by way of nail polish and those nice shoes :)

  12. Seraphina

    AHHH Shini I really want your hair!
    It’s so lovely.

  13. Since when is eating in the street unladylike? It’s one of my favourite pastimes! But then I’m not really the paragon of ladylike behaviour at the best of times.
    You look great, I especially like the yellow shoes. They’re the perfect shade and shape for this neutral outfit.

  14. aww you look so pretty+ feminine + spring-y! Very lady-like, contrary to what Mother thinks. :P Ok, yeah manners are not my strong front – although, i can kinda see why she might say that… look at you, flaunting all that donut goodness in front of potentially hungry people like me!!! That’s it. Going out for mexican tonight.

  15. ah..love the pumps…so very perfect with the outfit!!
    don’t know about your donut-eating habits..but you are always soo ladylike in your outfits..(mean that in the best way:)

  16. I love your shirt DYI skirt! paired with the orange pumps, its classy and still with a lot of personality.

    That donut looks delicious, does it have raspberry filling?! I love that kind.

  17. when the foods good, I’m all for eating in the street & looking grotesque while devouring whatever delicious morsel I just couldn’t save to eat in a more “lady-like” manner.
    but you look so cute with your outfit, and that donut!!! ADORE the yellow shoes!!
    xo Diana

  18. This post is incredible Shini! The location is stunning, the photos are beautiful, the donut (nomnomnommmmmmmmm gimme gimme gimme), those hot legs of yours, the INCREDIBLE shoes…. ahhhhhh… now YOU look like you are having too much fun.

    Is it just me or is there a new slightly sexier park and cube emerging?! Bare legs, hair down, high heels on!? This is sooo not the Shini I know…. but I like her…

    Your legs look like they go on for aaaaaaages in that photo where you are stepping onto the sidewalk.

    I MISS YOU!! and you are gorgeous. xx

  19. @the style crusader, WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTTTTT!!! I just saw that the shoes are TOPSHOP!!! I assumed they were FERRAGAMO!! omgggggggg. amaaaaaaaazing. i want i want i want.

  20. the bag is so cute!!!


  21. I love your hair, your shoes and the shirt as a skirt. And I ate these donuts from Chmielna once, delicious! x

  22. Oooh those shoes are just beautiful!

    I’ve tried the shirt as a skirt look so many times but never braved leaving the house in it…

    Please vote for me in Westfield London’s SS11 style competition! Just click like!

  23. Haha, hot donuts on Chmielna, I eat them whenever I can…I guess it’s not so good for my shape, but they’re sooooooo good ;)

  24. nice, I love the skirt-shirt idea!


  25. adore your look, and these yellow pumps look perfect on you


  26. lovely pictures, i love the details! and maan, wish i could go outside with bare legs.
    it’s getting warmer for suure though!

  27. cute shoes!


  28. I love your shoes :)


  29. Those shoes are so lovely, yellow is one of those colours that makes me smile every time I see it :)

  30. cool shoes

  31. Alex

    Horse’s calves are very thin..you might’ve meant horse thighs.

    But that’s still a lie because you have beautiful legs!

    Love the skirt and heels by the way.


  32. Hahaaa so true, I think I meant horse + calves haha but you got what I meant
    So nice of you btw xxxxx :P

  33. i like it. i like it a lot.

  34. a real lady! those yellow shoes are beautiful.

  35. Just catching up with your blog entries.
    Ah man the picture of the Polish town is simply stunning and so CLEAN!! The town kinda looks similar to Westbourne Park Rd in Notting Hill.

    Your Ferregamo-esque shoes is beautiful….lovely legs :P

    P.s hate almonds.

  36. Hhaaaahaaaa hate almonds
    these melt in your mouth, you must come try xxxx

  37. That happy burst of yellow :)

  38. i adoreeeee you skirt and the mustard pumps go so amazing with it you look great one of my favorite outfits of yours for sure xx

  39. Great pics..Love your outfit!!!
    Those donuts look delicious. Ha!

  40. these donuts are probably the best in the city! I absolutely love it, especially when it’s still warm and it’s my favourite cherry+chocolate mix. I adore your loose braid in ‘ara’ photo!

  41. Hahaaa ‘ara’ photo, we should start labelling photos by the stuff that’s in the background!
    Thanks so much, I need to try the cherry + chocolate mix, sounds RICH!

  42. Dewi Ayu

    i love your hair..

  43. shini, your shoes made my day!!

  44. you look amazing as always ! <3

  45. Are those the topshopt shoes?? Love ’em! Im still debating between the purple ones and the yellow ones!


  46. Both were seeeeriously amazing, I considered getting both… but decided to go for yellow since purple is such a hard colour to pull off! x

  47. oo, pączki z chmielnej, pychota. :)

  48. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes! Love this look
    xo Cara

  49. Ola

    Those donuts are IMO the best in Warsaw. Especially ate while still warm. My guilty pleasure when I am not in the mood to go to my classess. Who am I kiddin, my guilty pleasure of ALL times.

    Seen you today, you are gorgeous!

  50. Yeees, I’m planning to make it my guilty pleasures of ALL TIMES as well, even if I have to ride out into town for half an hour on the bus…
    O, where did you see me today? xx

  51. Ola

    Praga district, Okrzei street if I remember correctly. Youve got to watch out, your fanSPIES are everywhere! ;)
    Donuts are worth the ride, though.
    take care x

  52. That is just CRAZY!!! Had lunch with Harel (do you know her luuuvely blog?) but I rarely go to Praga, so weird that someone would see me there!
    You spiiiies.

  53. Ola

    I thought it might have been Harel, I just wasn’t sure! Her blog is one of the Polish best out there. Hopefully lunch was good enough for you to come back to Praga ;)
    Too spy-shy, though.

  54. You’ll see soon, BEST in town and I mean it. Next time say YO WUSSUP!!

  55. Ola

    you’ve got it, girl.

  56. Roszko

    You definitely have to try cherry-chocolate donuts, they are just incredible (although its nearly impossible even for me to eat one at once, they are sooooo sweet)
    rose-almonds were my absolutely obligatory part of daily menuuu during high school, now I’m more into Vincent’s pastries, (mainly because everything there looks so pretty and Im actually that lazy that chmielna seems to be waaaaay too far from krakowskie przedmiescie hahhaha)


  57. Well then, am I DILLIGENT because I went to both Vincent and Chmielna to have desserts? Hehehe DOUBLE SNACKING FOR THE WIN!
    Will defo try to the cherry-chocolate next time!

  58. i guess i’m definitely in love with your shoes.

  59. I love that first shot. Which town is this?

  60. Oh crap! Sorry. I just realised it’s Warsaw. Blame it on a whole day of lazying about in the house watching re-runs of Come Dine With Me…

  61. Hahaaa don’t worry, Come Dine With Me, eh? Doesn’t that show make you feel eternally hungry?
    Hope you’ve been well David! xx

  62. c.

    I love! everything! I never thought to wear a shirt as a skirt. so simple, while so chic. the shoes are a nice touch. I agree with some others — you should def show more leg! xx.

  63. Pervs!! Kidding, thanks so much xxxx

  64. i’m totally in love with your shoes – the colour is amazing!

    by any chance: themerrimari.blogspot.com
    i’d be honored.

    xx m.

  65. that shirt as a skirt looks so good on you Shini
    Glad winter is dead too :)and stuffed myself at a picnik today with pastry too

  66. the colours in the last image are mighty fine

  67. Title, donuts and shoes – all delicious!

  68. Those shoes look as tempting as those donuts!!

  69. Shiniiii this outfit is way beyond amazing! Those shoes are so chic and you rock the shirt skirt.
    Who are your sunglasses too because I am superbly jealous! xxx

  70. sequins and skirts and bright shoes – these are a few of my favourite things on you.

  71. gasp! you look lovely in a simple pair of heels Shini! a very ladylike show of leg as well :D

  72. horse calves= hilarious personification

  73. Love your shoes!!

  74. Love your style!! So lovelys shoes!!!

    “Clodet-Illustrations by Clau” http://www.clodet-illustrations.blogspot.com

    …1Kisses from Spain!*

  75. Those shoes look great with this outfit, and I love the shirt skirt. How could you not eat that doughnut in the street? If you waited til you got home, someone might have pinched it off you!!

  76. Oh how I adore that almondflake blouse. It’s so pretty, and love your yellow heels! What a great outfit.


  77. i really like your blog – so so inspiring!


  78. I love these things!

    Juliet xxx

  79. Ohhh, schmexy schmexy. My eyes like this outfit very much. Your hair is all bouncy too *thinks to self that if this was posted by a man it could sound pervvy…moves on*

    It’s good you have a blog Shini, because at least we know that you’re alive. One is planning on coming back to London, si?

    Ok, bye ;)

  80. Tofu

    love it !

  81. i love this outfit and those donuts are making me hungry haha!
    you are so beautiful x caitlin/ socksanddocs.blogspot.com

  82. love this :)

  83. Gorgeous shoes, the colour is amazing!

  84. Thank you for the blogiversary wishes! long time no see but hopefully will correct that at the Furla event :)

    I adore your yellow shoes here, so cute and perfect with that outfit x

  85. I’m in love with those heels! So chic and cute!


  86. Julia

    what a gorgeous outfit. i love it! you really have a great blog!

    Please take a look at my blog and if you like it, follow. Id really appreciate the support. xx

  87. that photo of you stepping onto the kerb is uhhhhhhhmazing

  88. Prisca umba

    Is your skirt a shirt that you made into a skirt or an actual skirt , I’m thinking of making one of those . I also like the colour of you shoes , very nice .

  89. It’s a shirt that I just hung on my waist and tied the two arms together! x

  90. […] For now I think the score is meek nerd 2: snooty 34,005. The two points scored only recently by the almond-rose donuts and a successful parallel parking session. Of course, only to be shot down immediately by snooty […]

  91. The donuts look delicious… And I absolutely love the plaid skirt! You look beautiful.

  92. anonymous

    i love how you did that shirt-skirt thing. I do that with my dad’s shirts, and put the sleeves back into the hole. Then the skirt becomes diamond-shaped.

    I love your blog. You have the best style and photographs.
    Are you Korean? I am.

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