I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Plum, orange and almond cake slice at CafeAnd






Wearing: Coat – ASOS. Top – Zara. Trousers – Uniqlo. Shoes – Kurt Geiger. Pouch – Kurt Geiger. Thank you Charlie for helping with the photos!

Once you start working from home and the passing days have absolutely no definition other than when the Nutella runs out (every.single.day.yo), outings, even ones where you sit alone in a cafe and order one cake after the other, feels like a big deal. To start with, only when I smear some foundation on my Walking-Dead face and draw on some eyes a hope is rekindled, a small hope that I belong in civilization of some form or another. Sometimes I go out in just an eyeliner and some baggy jeans, because that’s already a step up from whatever I’ve been pickling in the past few days. But then of course I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window looking like a half-baked pie, or a Transformer that transformed only half-way and basically still looks like a pickup-truck with arms. At least remember to draw some eyebrows, I tell myself. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that it feels good to venture down somewhere that’s a few more bus-stops away from the usual, to dress up a little, and to reach a little further into the closet for exotic-looking things like these ridiculously electric hues of blue that are usually just incompatible with the trip to the Turkish to get more Nutella and Oreos. Unless I don’t have the right change and I need to smuggle out a bag of Oreo’s (that also happens to be blue). I kid. Don’t steal, kids.


Behind the scenes at the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine mini-photoshoot


Waring: Sweater – Quiksilver. Skirt – Alexander McQueen. Shoes – ASOS.

ParknCube_YSLRVS_04 copy

Shade: 3 Violet INcognito



Shade: 3 Violet INcognito









This was back when I was in Paris for a night in celebration of a particularly silky and sensual YSL lipstick range called Rouge Volupté Shine – a small photoshoot was organized for a select few bloggers and each of us were assigned colours and themes from the collection to represent. You would think that after years of pouting with a bottle of mouthwash in one hand, delivering catchphrases like Jennifer Love Hewitt to the mirror while your brother bangs on the bathroom door (who eventually resorts to peeing in a bush in the garden) would prepare you at all for situations such a these. Well no, apparently my face hits a 404 error at Lights, camera, action! and it forgets how to blink… or just malfunctions altogether. The morning of the shoot I’d rejoiced when I found one of my lipsticks to be called INcognito, which I thought meant I could basically do what I do best and hide behind a curtain of hair, or maybe even just a thick curtain, but as it was deep violet in colour and also one of the darkest shade in the range I was directed to act like a surprised vampy spy caught in the act, face twitching or not. So all-in-all, I must say I have newfound respect for models in beauty campaigns, and also find myself very snug in the pro-photoshop side of things.

A huge thank you to YSL Beauty & Ykone for a wonderful day and an eye-opening experience!





Jacket – Charlie May SS13 (similar here). Top – (Charlie’s) Alexander Wang. Jeans – Zara. Shoes – Thakoon. Sunglasses – Carrera via Sunglasses Shop. Bar necklace – Kirsten Goss. Skull necklace – Maria Nilsdotter; Thank you Charlie for the snapss!

I made a new friend today, so now I have FOUR friends in total, if I count my mother. Yay. Kobi is my bestest friend though, I’m going to make him a super special friendship bracelet out of spaghetti and string cheese, and he’ll chew my hair back when I hurl into the toilet after a good night out. No, I’d been nagging Charlie (Kobi’s hot day-time nanny) about meeting him ever since he was a wee puppy, and nine whole months later I got out of my PJs and finally paid her a visit. Well, that and the chance to fondle a rail full of serious sexiness from all the Charlie May collections – this amazing blush leather jacket, case in point. I also got to borrow the best accessory, like ever, despite the fact that it kept running after dandelions… so all-in-all, I must say that I’m pretty damn chuffed about this post.


The 2013 London Tweed Run











Photo by Yu Fujiwara of Tokyobike






Time for tea!













Tweed blazer – Vintage Gerry Weber, Skirt – ASOS. Floral shirt – Zara. Shoes – Topshop. Bag – Warehouse. Bike – Tokyobike. Thank you Kit for the shots of moi!

One does not simply partake in the Tweed Run among 499 others and not come home with 49,999 photos of tweeded butts, as Boromir might say.

We spilled out into the streets, ushered by the marshals – in no particular order but close enough to each other to hold hands. Mobile boomboxes in bike baskets sang the 50’s, conversations budded up here and there while turning corners. Girls rode in heels, hands-free for some boys, and we bloggers cycled with our elbows while trying to capture every moment… At times it felt like learning to cycle all over again – half scooting, half balancing with momentum – except here when you topple over sideways you take about twenty people down with you. Every single head turned on the streets, traffic stopped, and windows opened in cheer – how exhilarating! So this is what it feels like to be a politician, or blonde. We rode through Marylebone, Oxford Circus, Saville Row, Piccadilly, Whitehall, Westminster… all the postcards of London, then ended up in Lincoln’s Inn Fields just behind Holborn for afternoon tea; then up to King’s Cross to finish the day at a pub, at which point England did what England does best and rained on a parade. Only literally, though.

Many thanks to Tokyobike once again for this wonderful experience! Check out part 1 for more tweed, less buttz.


Stolen from the boys: chestnut-brown brogues





Trench – H&M Trend. Crop-top – American Apparel. Trousers – ASOS. Brogues – Melvin & Hamilton. Bag – Kurt Geiger. Belt – Vintage LV; Thank you Charlie for helping with the shots.

Boy, girl, I don’t even know anymore; it’s that time of the month and I feel like wearing my husband’s trunks as shorts with some ‘bro’-gues and a monocle.

In the meantime, my intersexual wardrobe had a baby and this is her blog.