I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Hat – Angels Sale, Dress – +J Uniqlo, Tights – Courtesy of Gal Stern ‘Lizard’ of Wild Collection, Crop top – Vintage, Shoes – H&M, Bag – Vintage studded, Watch – Casio, Necklace as bracelet – F21, Nailpolish – Model’s Own ‘Red Alert’

Exactly one month ago today was when I put the order for Canon EOS 550D at Calumet, with hopes of picking it up in a few days. I was starting to wonder, as days and weeks crept by, whether they were trying to assemble the camera with sticky rice, or instead of loading it onto an airplane they’d commissioned a Tokyo taxi driver to courier the cameras to London. Little did I know that the lovely volcano with a keyboard-slam of a name would interrupt delivery flights, and the factories lacked parts to birth my baby. Then the call came last Friday, and today Kit and I went to pick up the camera, oh bliss. This photoshoot marks the first hundred shuttercounts of the hopeful millions to come. Thank you 400D for being my closest sketchbook & pencil since 2007.

Thank you Kit for slaving in the heat, waiting on you to join the new-camera club!

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  1. gosh. i adore your blog.

  2. Ahh! You look like a plucky and intrepid reporter! I love the green hat with the gold top. I’m so glad your camera finally came! Worth the wait, I’m assuming.

  3. Leonie

    Im exhausted, its 03:22am and I dont know why I’m not in bed yet. You called me the other day, unless you wanted to kill me, answering my phone while on whiskers was not that much of a brilliant idea. I reach to one conclusion: I suck.


  4. Hotdang, my masterplan traffic cycle incident did not work. I would like to pay you a visit to propose something but me leaving to Poland on Friday and cuddle-hungry bf just back from Poland (Wednesday) is not a good combo. Will update you on this.

  5. Leonie


    You know I can just txt you or call you? Seriously.
    Well Sheens, you will have to save that evil laughter for another time. Keep me posted, i will be here all the time. Give boyfriend cuddle and stuff yourself up with sushi, no hair please.

  6. the photos are fantastic. that hat just seals the deal.

  7. I just got two new cameras from my dad today! Well, he bought them. But he lives in California and I live in Michigan, so I will hopefully be getting them soon.

    A Nikon FM and a Pentax SF1! Old school but so, so good.

  8. nice!

    – the clothing project


  9. I love what you are wearing, very inspiring! <3

  10. you know you can send your 400d to me, its okey ;D

  11. love this photo with the camera!!!! omg! you still can wear tights and i’m hot in bikini here…eh!

    xoxo from rome

  12. I love these photos so much. You look wonderful and the brocade coat so so so amazing. <3


  13. OMG SHINI I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I’ve changed my mind about the 7D now I’m happy with my heavy and chunky 50D I can always get the 550D for personal use hahahahaha.

    Thank you for letting me shoot you with your brand new camera and forgive me for making you walk miles in the blistering heat.

  14. your photos Shini are perfect. Always

  15. I just recently bought a canon 550D myself and I am so in love. I still have a lot to learn about all the functions but am finding it fun to experiment! <3

  16. i LOVE your hat..


  17. I love the camera! But I love your bag more! I’ve been in love with it since the first time u DIYed it on your blog… so if one day you grow tired of it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! kekeke


  18. I know the new camera love, as my bf’s a totally in love with all of his!

    juliet xxx

  19. I am looking for a camera too, maybe I’ll go for the 550D, because the pictures look great.
    And that olive hat is heaven!


  20. What lense was kit using to get those lovely blurred-out-background shots?
    I’ve been trying to figure out if I need a wide angle or a telephoto, but am just finding conflicting information!

  21. Owh it’s actually my own lens, Sigma 30mm f1.4! Blurred-out-background shots can be attained with a 50mm 1.8/1.4 as well ;) (I don’t really think good photography is about bokeh (blurry background) though hahaahehehe :$)

  22. @Shini, haha no it’s not! But i’m seduuuuced by how nicely the bokeh (thanks… new word) brings a single feature into focus. Anyway the 50mm 1.4 you mentioned looks like what I’m after :) if I can just now find a extra few quids down the back of the sofa….

  23. Oh yes, dig at the sofa! The 50mm f1.8 is a much cheaper choice, goes for about £60-70 nowadays? There’s no huge difference although obviously 1.4 has better aperture!

  24. You look so amazing!

  25. love your style! beautiful clothes :D

  26. Great style !!!
    Love ur shoes
    ‘ECH from pAris
    La Bise

  27. LOVE this camera!
    amazing style and gorgeous look!
    I really love the picture of the building!
    xxx from Barcelona!

  28. Im in desperate need of a new camera xxxx

  29. how on earth did you manage to get tights that look like that?! so wicked!

    I must ask this seeing as you live in england and all, yes? -ahem- Have you ever seen a Dalek statue thing around town?



  30. love the shoes

  31. i need a real camera BAAADLY. i’m sure you got that bc you researched it. it has nice reviews. can’t wait to see more new pics. very excited and happy for you!!!

  32. p.s. love everything you’re wearing. you have an amazing knack to throw seemingly unrelated items together and make them work magically :)

  33. I Love your outfit
    your camera is soo cool :)

  34. love all the textures in your outfit! could i possibly post one of your outfits on my blog???

  35. I just love that gold and black top you’re wearing Shini, it’s gorgeous. Enjoy your camera. xx

  36. anom

    you are such a beautfuil, witty writer. i love your blog and what you write, makes it stand out within the sea of ’em! go into journalism!
    -devoted fan

  37. Amazing outfits so cutie..that shoes and legging are so pretty..stylish as well

  38. These pictures are amazing! :)
    your outfit is simply great too!

    Abi. X

  39. mmm

    you darling look beautiful!!
    lovely jacket… I’m crazy for it!
    and follow us on

  40. Can’t stop coming back here and admire the photos….550D ROCKS l..L

  41. I love your style, your pictures and your way of telling us the stories. You are so funny, girl!!
    Have a nice weekend!


  42. i want to join the new camera club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these pics are great, as usual <3

  43. beutiful pictures. garh, I want a new camera . :(

  44. loving this look, these printed tights and the boots are super cute


  45. Hey Shini, was just thinking of you and while organising photos came across a shot of you with your now old camera. Congratulations on your gorgeous new camera (and hats off to Kit helping you in the heat).

    Ooh it just started to rain. Lovely. Have a great weekend, talk to you soon, hope to see you before I leave town. xox

  46. p.s. Forgot to write but I love everything you’re wearing: the colour of that dress is one of my favourites, and when I saw the source: it’s JIl Sander! +J Uniqlo!! I loved that collection at Press Day, and want to do a shoot with that line. Uncanny that it’s what my eye went to, and I love the way you paired it with that gorgeous brocade top. You have the most unique beautiful creative mind. Goodnight! ; )

  47. You’re amazing at layering!

  48. Just brilliant outfit. u put them together genially.



  49. cool tights. i was checking out her fish scale ones a while ago.

  50. lovely!!!