I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Coat, Shirt – Black Luna Vintage, Skirt – Mum’s Aquascutum of 1990, Shoes – Office UK

So if I was to continue on with the a decade ago… topic, only because my life is so uneventful right now I’ve somehow managed to get hooked on the Disney Channel on Youtube, a decade ago I was at a suitable age to get hooked on the Disney Channel on Youtube. Well lately I couldn’t help but notice that ten years ago my part-time job of Webdesign was considered more of a hobby than an occupation, but of course back then it was those really wack hobbies like today’s let’s blend everything deal that no one really understands. Who knows, maybe blending is the future. There are so many jobs today that didn’t exist back in year 2000, like professional video bloggers on Youtube – how did they survive before 2005!? or DVD makers, how many floppy discs did they need in order to keep 10 Things I Hate About You!? OK those aren’t real jobs, but you get my point. It’s funny though, to think that those of you still in school are actually learning skills for jobs that don’t exist yet today. Well, good luck to studying for a fantasy future!

To the next ten, may we not end up like some of our parents who do not understand what ‘click the mouse and drag it across the desktop’ implies. I fear that technology will run away with time and I’ll wake up one day not knowing why I’m sleeping on a strange machine they call a bed-ographmeter version 2.33x. And one of you will probably have a job of updating the pillow drivers.

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  1. oh hai i’m first. technology is really nuts. my grandmother said it best “technology is so advanced these days, you dont have to wait for your next life to receive your bad karma” LOL so funny. She’s fat and awesome. Okay anyway off-topic. Dude i’m getting goosepimples just looking at your pics. aren’t you cold wearing a sheer blouse in SNOW!??!?!?!?! wtf you crazy hahahaha. anyway was on gmarket the other day browsing around with the help of your helpful handy guide but i just had to click away as all the millions of gifs almost gave me an epileptic fit.
    hny shini :D

  2. your blog is so refreshing, that blouse is amazing and your hair is to die for. it’s good to find blogs where people enjoy not only style and outfit shots but writing as well. thank you<3.

  3. I LOVE your hair, it’s just so long and healthy…. Oh and that mesh blouse is amaaaaaazing :)

  4. technology is going to get so far ahead that things that are supposed to make things easier just complicate it instead

    i love this look, and i love you. the blue trench makes it

  5. that blouse is killer!! love it ;)

  6. skye

    The blouse is gorgeous.
    I love 10 Things I Hate About You.

  7. oh that blouse is divine. love it! and snow! i’m so jealous. its so hot in australia :(

  8. The colour of your coat is absolutely amazing, and the blouse really suits you! It’s so strange to think about the recent techonological developments in the past 10 years, imagine where we’ll be in 2020?! Blows my mind a bit! xx

  9. This made me think about what one of my friends is thinking of becoming – a space architect, designing outer atmospheric dwelling for us to live in (presumably after we stuff up our Earth so badly that we need to relocate out to space or to submarine environments).

    Snow! Lucky!

  10. as more careers pop up other careers are shoved away. I HOPE there will be a job I’ll like in the future. Love your skirt! I think I’d be too short to wear it haha.

  11. Love the post and the outfit is lovely!

  12. The blouse is beautiful and so are you :)


  13. one of the best post texts I’ve ever read.

  14. So amazing! That skirt ties it all in perfectly. I’m so happy you got these.

  15. hello shini, happy 2010 :)
    i’m actually in the midst of teaching my 24 y/o bride dress fashion designer the importance of having a blog. but i love sharing tech stuffs with people..

    love your blue coat and sheer blouse!

  16. If I could put a title for this comment, it would probably be: “You Are My Hero!”

    Thanks to this http:parkandcube.com/?m=200903&paged=4 – I decided to clean up my blog after months of delay. Not great but hey, it’s a start & considering it’s a brand spankin new year….. hey, why not?

    Happy new year Shini!

  17. oh Shini you always make me laugh, your imagination have no limits!!
    A very Happy new year to you!!

  18. Wow, that is such a pretty shirt!
    I always look for sheer silk blouses like that. They’re so effortless.


  19. You look beautiful! But i’m totally freezing seeing you like that! Hope what i say is understanding…

  20. the shirt is gorgeous! xx

  21. Ack! I’m going to be one of those people that’s way behind the technological times. Love the contrast between the jacket and shirt/skirt combo. I hope bedographmeters are comfortable….

  22. your coat is amazing! If you want sell it, tell me :)

  23. I really love the blue coat it really pops out against the snow!


  24. That first photo is so ethereal as if it belongs in a movie, a movie pertaining to the world war.

  25. your hair is so beautifulll!!! i want it =D


  26. i love the color of your coat:)))

  27. heeheehee pillow drivers……:P have you seen the movie “Aliens”? our beds are totally gonna be like that in the future!!!!

  28. Suzie

    great blouse !

  29. I want your coat :X

    Heh, this entry was funny! That’s a fear of mine too… I already roll my eyes a lot when older people have to ask 129234x just to open email?? Haha, so afraid that technology will be too fast to catch up to when it’s my turn to be old. XD

  30. Kasia

    As we can see you’ve been to Poland many times, but do you speak Polish? I’m just curious :)

  31. Pure perfection…
    …and you have been in Poland… my place of origin!!

  32. i love how you can rock longer skirts. wish i was tall enough to! they look great on you


  33. “click and drag across the laptop” lol. Been there so many times with my mum. How difficult is it to understand “it’s like in real life, you take something out of a folder and put it in another folder, but instead your hand is your mouse icon.” :D Parents will be parents.

  34. hahaha reminds me of my mum!!

    love your blouse!

  35. I really love the skirt, you’ve made it so current with the sheer blouse and the bright blue coat. Another wonderful look!
    Zanita x

  36. I love your hair!
    It’s gorgeous! :D

  37. perfect style, you look so delicate !
    xoxo from France

  38. I really like your blue coat with the white snow .. =D

  39. fabulous.


  40. The blouse is beautiful! I like the mix of sheer detailing on the shirt. I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow :)


  41. Haha. Teaching my mom to use my laptop is funny. She still can’t control the mouse properly.
    10yrs ago I was 13 and idolised Sabrina the teenage witch…’cos you know, how cool would it be to do my chores with just a point of a finger?

    Love the blouse!

  42. Dear,

    Your blog has very refreshing scenery photos and the way your style is captured on camera brings great inspiration and mood.

    I stop by to comment and also want to ask you about topshop shoes sizing. I’m usually an 8 in US shoes sizing, somtimes 7.5 or 8.5 depending on styles and brands. I’ve been lurking over these bad boys http://us.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=32051&storeId=13052&categoryId=137979&parent_category_rn=133500&productId=1418930&langId=-1 for months and planning to purchase them asap!

    I was wondering what’s your US and UK shoes size? and what do you think about topshop sizing? is it usually consistent or is it tighter for heels? etc…

    Thanks! and study hard!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  43. Haha yes, I wonder what jobs will be ‘hot’ in 2020!

  44. beautiful photos !

  45. i LOVE your hair!! you’re my favorite blogger :-) fancy all the things you wear. x


  46. Hi Shini!

    Thank you for your quick respond, you’re so lovely! I’m also working my way and saving money toward Saint Martin for graduate school :) But anyway lets not be off topic here, your comment was very helpful (yay we have the same shoes size). Darn the link doesnt work, the boots are called PARTNER Flat Boot By Boutique £110.00. If you have time and drop by topshop then please try them on :). Otherwise it’s alrite!
    Before asking you, I called the US topshop store… nonetheless it was unhelpful and i felt a bit intermediate. sigh i feel so relieved now.

    btw i never thought my blog was peaceful, now that i take a closer look… it actually is! to be honest with yah, i’m a bit shy when it comes to blogging. i read a lot of blogs from garance dore to yours to thousand and thousand more and admire a great deal of how much work and time you put. im glad you enjoyed mine.

    have a nice day now. ttyl

  47. i love the blouse paired with the skirt – so gorgeous.

  48. I love it. What a great skirt, and you pull it off well.

  49. J’aime beaucoup la blouse et tes cheveux sont magnifiques c’est le moins que l’on puisse dire bravo pour ton blog

  50. beautiful shirt!


  51. Adeline

    OMG, your coat’s colour is to die for ! So gorgeous. But I live in a season-less country so I do consider myself to have spent enough on coats for now, really :X Also, I’ve been looking for a shirt like that for a long time now, heh ! It’s beautiful ^^

  52. been following your blog for about a year. Just wanted to say i think you are a fashion genius : )
    The way you put your clothes together and the way use colors, shapes.
    The way you make your own items. The photography.
    I wish i had half your talent for dressing ….
    Im not good with word but you’re just so amazing…
    to be able to come up with so many different look with such an extremely high level of difficulty to pull off and yet everytime you do, and its just mind boggling…sigh

  53. J’aime tes cheveux, le style est très cool, bravo.