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Sake No Hana, London











Sake No Hana Cherry Blossom pop-up April 7 – May 19

Cherry blossoms: makes one of a many fleeting moments in life, glorious little pockets of time that just always seem to be in a hurry to leave. Namely this list also includes other equally magnanimous things like the 1-minute warmth expiry in a fresh donut, or the first 5 minutes of a 42-km marathon when you feel like you should be a member of the Avengers… oh and comfort on a 12h flight, lasts up till about the first time the seatbelt sign turns off.

Back to sakura (cherry blossoms) though, is it just me or did it last about one afternoon this year? I feel like it was there one morning in March and then blown off by tea time. So much so that when I arrived for a meeting at the full pink bush atop the Sake No Hana doors I assumed it was some kind of special guest entrance to the Ministry of Magic when a pee-smelling red telephone box just won’t do. Alas, it was magic alright, a pop-up display designed by florist Veevers Carter, blossoms raining above the bar and entwining everything around, including the sakura-inspired menu that makes up for the lost picnic under cherry trees we Londoners were owed this Spring. One thing though, is apparently the pop-up ends on the 19th May, which is in like… two days, and for this I apologize for my blogging competency which is of similar fleeting consistency as the aforementioned donut warmth… Do call to book for a cheeky Sakura crystal double-layer bento box for lunch on Monday, or just drop by for a Sakuratini cocktail at the bar. At least then we can say we can tick the ‘Springtime picnic’ box and move on to harassing Summer.

Disclaimer: Photography by Park & Cube for Sake No Hana (Hakkasan Group) use. This is not a sponsored post :)