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Réjane Clutch, a personal favourite


Moynat, journey to London




Cabotin, insipred by the Moynat English trunk



Suitcase designed to fit exactly on top of the roof of an automobile.



ParkandCube_Moynat-Mount-Street_04 ParkandCube_Moynat-Mount-Street_05

Virage coin wallet




Moynat, 112 Mount Street, W1

Two things I love and respect: craftsmanship and history. And Mexican food. Three things. What’s certain is that you put those things together and something fantastic comes out of it – heck, add the Mexican food in as well, one should never say no to a fiesta. We live in an age so catered to fast-consumerism, landfills, and butt-grazingly short concentration span – I should know, I spent nine hours writing this copy because I’m apparently giving equal attention to 19 other tabs (hold on while I check out this cat taking a bath) – somewhere in the middle, true quality is lost. This is where brands like Moynat come in – founded in 1849 by Pauline Moynat who designed and built made-to-measure trunks for horse carriages and many of the first automobiles. The brand is all about craftsmanship and finest levels of quality, the handbags are made by skilled artisans in an atelier stone-throw away from the Paris Rue Saint-Honoré flagship, and each bag takes about 20 hours to complete. The bags are flawless in construction with a design detail very characteristic to Moynat: the curve of the classic trunk. All models hint on a sense of travel, an adventure, which I found rather romantic given such attention to structure and form. I visited the beautiful new boutique on Mount Street two days before it opened, (and 20 minutes after Pharrell had visited, apparently) (curse you, traffic), which was my first encounter with Moynat, but for some reason I don’t think it’ll be my last. 

Many thanks to Guillaume Davin (Director of Moynat) for the tour and Starworks Group for introductions.