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a Muji gift guide


creative direction & photography SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT in collaboration with Muji

Three jobs I’d kill a million girls for: 1) Chipotle menu taster, 2) GARLIC/PASTA (yes, just being one. Because hellooOoo SEXY) and 3) ambassador for Muji. I am naturally, none of those – although sometimes I do come close to 2) given how much both get shovelled into my system around deadlines. (I may also be a can of Red Bull, come to think of it) Muji – you’ll agree that walking into one of the stores is walking into a version of your life where the grip is definitely gotten, organised expertly into no-brand, tranquil textures and colours. And you decide you need a solar cooking scale, because Muji. It’s one of the few places I frequented as a student (with a bank balance of -£45.02), and still visit to this day and let out the same Urgghhehrh want EVERYTHING* ** noise.

I’ve saved this guide for my fellow last-minute gifters, as a consolation that there is still amazing, thoughtful gifts to be found out there, and also to slap you away from buying your sister a pack of jumbo tampons because her preferred gift sold out a week ago at Net-a-Porter (and let’s be honest, you’re broke). See, if someone got me a box full of Muji stationery for Christmas I’d be Dobby with a sock, and I’m pretty sure it works with others too, so roll with that. They’ve also just launched their minimal (no artificial colours, mineral oils and weakly acidic) skincare line based on fine natural water extracted from a cave, and after testing it for two weeks I can testify that it is what it says it is on the box.

* synchronised noises with my assistant that had at least one staff member permanently linger around the corner.
** with accompanying body movement when in Muji HK/Tokyo. Get ready to moan: they have food and bigger appliances (microwave, rice cooker…etc)

Muji Skincare


Ideas for
For the friend that has a whole IKEA MALM drawer full of beauty samples and subscribed to more Youtube beauty channels than a 13-year-old.
Pick up a Muji gift cylinder and load up with small bits
High-moisture all-in-one essence gel
Compressed face mask
Cotton pile body towel
Wooden hair brush
Light moisturizing milk




Makeup brushes
from £2.95
Procelain toothbrush stand
High moisturizing cream
Tray, jars, whisk – all Muji Kitchen & Dining
What to get
The one that proclaims that eating out of good-looking crockery enhances the taste of food (it is however, somewhat true).


Muji Kitchen & Dining. Book – Nanban: Japanese Soul Food

Park-and-Cube_Muji_006 Park-and-Cube_Muji_007

Aluminium tray mirror
Porcelain Ring Holders
Aroma diffuser
Acacia wooden plate
Beech clock
Essential oils
from £3.95
Cedar sticks
Warm fibre Slippers


Ideas for
the homebody
That borderline anti-social, indoorsy friend of yours (The one that asks if ‘clubbing’ means hanging out with your knitting club members)


This is me, and I love the juxtaposition of East (by East we mean ‘Japanese minimal design aesthetics’ and not novelty soy sauce containers or a fist-shaking golden cat) and West of my Georgian-era flat. I picked up that aroma diffuser a while back and it’s been greatly popular with my team – it’s a perfect gift for a client or the office.

Fragrance oil