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One for summer splashes…
‘they’re real!’ push-up liner by Benefit

This one’s for you lucky folk with exciting summer plans that involve unblemished blue skies and a mass body of water of some sort. First of all, I am not one of you (we don’t even own a bath tub), so I HOPE YOU STEP ON A LEGO. My own summer plans involve watching Sherlock on repeat (Cumberbitch4ever) and inhaling peanut butter sandwiches in this dinky cave we call home. Makeup is wasted on me, especially one as effective as this new gizmo by Benefit I’m about to introduce you to.


Before I go further, this indeed is a collaborative post with Benefit, but my opinions are absolutely my own, as always. Everything is always tested before collaboration, and in this case I’d applied the new ‘they’re real!’ gel push-up liner and later in the day managed to drop a peanut-butter sandwich (why does toast always insist on landing on the buttered side) on the kitchen floor. I wept, but revelled later at the fact that the eyeliner had not transformed me into a hot mess/raccoon. I kid, really, but as one who cannot go without eyeliner (desert island item), and naturally someone who’s tested every stick/pot out there – this one definitely cuts the mustard. Jet black, to begin with (I like to think it matches the colour of my heart), opaque, effortless to apply, and waterproof* with appropriate application**.

* Naturally what with anything being waterproof, it’s incredibly difficult to wipe off, but I find that a drop of olive oil/coconut oil does the trick, or simply, the ‘they’re real!’ eye-makeup remover from the same line.
** I found that applying primer and a layer of base eyeshadow ensures longer wear.

Also, I’ve shared a couple style tips and DIY tutorials on Instagram to accompany the partnership with Benefit, so do give them a click as well. A small warning though, there’s a fair bit of ‘sexy-back’ in one of the the videos and at one point I resemble the Michelin tyre mascot. It’s pretty sexy if you like rolls of phat and stuff.

Click on the arrows to activate the slideshow, and click through to see the full tips and clips.